Your Questions About Tattoos

Paul asks…

How do you write Beautiful Soul in Japanese?

I want to get a tattoo written in Japanese(kanji) saying Beautiful Soul. I wanna make sure i get the correct word :) Does anyone know a site i could go on?

The Expert answers:

I’m Japanese. Actually we don’t have one compound word of “beautiful soul” with only Kanji. But as you know, can put two Kanji to express it as like we also do when express something like artistically.

Then, for your “beautiful soul”, I think it should be 美魂, or that’s the best anyway.
美 = beautiful, 魂 = soul, spirit, mind

霊 is used for only very serious real death, ghost, haunted,or to be possessed, so then it is not used generally, except cemetery,funeral or horror books or movies. Also the people would get feeling kind of eerie, ominous, horror or scare even just glance this Kanji 霊, just as like I’m already feeling eerie…really..

Anyway , please don’t put 霊 on your body.

Thomas asks…

Where can I find really nice arabic calligraphy online?

I’m an arabic student and I want to get the word beautiful جميلة as a tattoo. But that script is a simple script that I can write myself. I’m looking for something fancier and more intricate maybe in a shape. Does anyone know of a calligrapher who would do this online or one in the philadelphia area?

The Expert answers:

This website will really help. I was looking for an ambigram tattoo and this really helped. Don’t trust anything else.


Sharon asks…

Could anyone write the Arabic word for love?

Me and my boyfriend are wanting to get a matching tattoo, but we don’t want to write each others names on ourselves. I think Arabic writing looks beautiful and I would really like to have the word love tattooed. Could anyone help please? Hopefully some fluent Arabic writers could help so that I get the actual translation not something that doesnt mean anything xxx

The Expert answers:

Pronounced hoob, extra emphasis on the h: حب

Maria asks…

Beautiful words……………?

Hi I want to get a tattoo and I either want a word a saying or a small image.
So far I like:
Life is beautiful or la vie est belle
Count every beautiful thing
Saudade, the love that remains or longing, hope, fatality, nostalgia, yearning, missing, fondness, endearment, loneliness, feeling, emotion some of the words thats it means
I like an arrow on my left side (where you heart is) but on the side of your ribs

Have you got any ideas, I want it in memory of my dad so any sayings or i want it to be like although bad things happen always look for something good.
I know a tattoos personal but its more for inspiration
thanks :)

The Expert answers:

How about something like:

This too shall pass.

Write troubles in sand and blessings in stone.

Without struggle there is no progress.

Let your past make you better not bitter.

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. (Anne Frank said that)

Vestigia (a trace, mark, or sign of something that once existed but has passed away or disappeared) With that arrow you like.

Or with that arrow simply put, “Always” within it.

Helen asks…

how many times jigsaw word is mentioned in this wall?

God created a set number of angels 30 billion?; 1/3 of all angels rebelled 10 billion?God turned the rebels into spiritual darkness (demons) and expelled them from heaven. there was a void in heaven of 10 billion open seats.God decided to create humans to replace the demons. God said that He will let demons trick people into following them, but when 10 billion seats in heaven are filled, God will send demons and those who follow demons to hell. demons dress in fake human skin and fly in ufo ships;pretend to be angels of light, ghosts, pagan gods, greys, ouija board movers.jigsaw from saw movie is not only gay but he’s antichrist. when people will look at jigsaw, they will see many angels surrounding jigsaw, but in reality those are demons. the main demon is black with red eyes. antichrist is white with red eyes. if anyone worships jigsaw, they’ll go to hell 100%. also, soon the world government will be giving mandatory small grey world passport. when people stretch their hands to receive the small grey world passport, a small green electronic tattoo with sixes will be given by lasers. if anyone receives this tattoo, they’ll go to hell 100%. people who kill themselves wind up in hell 100%. also, people who blaspheme the Holy Spirit, go to hell as well. God is one but decides to reveal Himself to the world in three distinct persons: as God the Father, as God the Son (Jesus Christ), and as God the Holy Spirit. now, let’s switch to the ufo bases that the demons built. they are located on the moon, in lake baikal, underneath mariana trench (atlantis is here), and inside a fake mountain in tibet (buddhists consider this mountain holy, but as was mentioned, pagan gods are demons). there was also a time when 200 angels told God that they would fare better than humans if they had human bodies (angels and demons don’t have bodies – they’re just spirits). God told them that He could give them human bodies but if they mess up, He’ll punish them severely. these 200 spirits agreed to take this deal. what happened was that when these 200 angels (aka anunaki in pagan beliefs) descended on a mountain in middle east, they saw beautiful female descendents of cain, and took them wives for themselves. these 200 anunaki had giants as kids. giants built the pyramids and other colossal monuments around the world. anunaki taught witchcraft, astrology, blood drinking, human sacrifice, abortion, art of war, etc. God became angry and punished the world for following anunaki. anunaki were imprisoned underneath a desert in middle east. 300 thousand giants and 700 thousand people who followed anunaki and other demons were drowned in world flood. only 8 people were saved in the flood. me and u are descendents of these 8 (noah with his wife, and their three sons with three daughters-in-law) who survived in an ark-ship. animals that knelt before noah went into the ark with noah. animals that didn’t kneel were drowned. a bit later, nimrod (world leader) and his wife semiramis (she was in charge of a brothel) created a one state pagan religion (sun-moon-bull-sex worship). nimrod was also in charge of building the tower of babel. this tower was built by masons who wanted to reach heaven and fight God and establish pagan religion in heaven. this was silly, to say the least. God burned the top third of this tower, sank the bottom third inside the earth, and changed the original language into 70 different languages. so, one third of builders killed each other because of misunderstanding, one third ran away, and one third were cursed to become apemen and elephantmen. silly atheists claim that we come from apes when in reality apemen were cursed masons. hindu religion has an elephantman deity. this is absurd. let’s get to something even weirder. 80 foot dinosaurs live beneath the earth. they will soon come out through lakes and sinkholes. this is a punishment for spreading ideas of evolution. major climate change will follow. there won’t be any clean water left. world government will hide food on purpose too. stores with food will be set up to laser people with the above-mentioned evil tattoo. it’s better to die from hunger than receive this tattoo. now, let’s go to the main message of christianity. God incarnated (took on human body) to die for our sins so that we can go to heaven. now why was this necessary? well, remember the 10 billion seats from before? yep, they’re all empty because everyone went to hell. there were only 2 people that went to heaven (enoch and elijah). so, God didn’t want all people to burn in hell, so He provided a cure for this – He died on the cross for our sins and went to hell to pick “believers in Him during their lives on earth” to take them to heaven. now most people go to hell too, but christians don’t. why? because God said that if you believe in what He did for you on the cross, and feel sorry for your sins, and stop sinning, you’ll go to hea

The Expert answers:

666 times

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Your Questions About Tattoos

Laura asks…

Do you think the tattoo and body piercing industry is growing?

I am doing a school paper on tattoos and body piercings. I have narrowed my topic to discrimination, health and safety precautions and popularity. Let me know how you feel on any of these topics. I will glady accept all answers.

The Expert answers:

Discrimination, less of it now, but still a problem. But more and more jobs are available if you have facial piercings, because people don’t really care any more. Maybe they’ve started to realise looks don’t matter any more? Lol, hardly. Anyway. I spose they can look a little intimidating, but I have facial piercings and I’m awfully shy, and quite smart. I’m hardly about to knife anyone who looks at me. Its only a real problem in “proper”professions, like teaching and doctors and things now. As long as you’re experienced and knowledgeable, then you can go quite far

Health and safety. Eh.. Well the studios I go to are very good, and clean and talk through all the risks and everything. They’re aren’t too many tbh. And I do all my research properly before..But not all places/people are like that. Here (UK) there aren’t any laws on piercings, on age, qualifications anything. Some councils require a basic health and hygiene certificate, but that’s easy…

Popularity, I don’t have a problem with at all. I am quite.. Involved in it though. I have a problem with people who do no research at all, go to a shitty place, and then try to attempt to clean it with pure bleach and wonder why its all red and angry.. And I like the safety pins piercers even less ^^ To me its a bit like buying a pet without knowing what on earth to feed it. But I have no problem with people and self-piercers who know a bit about it, and take all the precautions they can.

I like that they’re getting more popular generally, because it means some healthy competition, cheaper jewellery, more unusual mods and things though. Just means theres alot of hackers springing up too.

Oh forgot about the tattoo bit =D
I don’t like people who walk into a tattoo parlour and just picking something pretty off the wall. Its permanent, you can’t change your mind, and they’ll probably have it removed in a year or two anyway. I dislike tribal, stars, or anything in a language you can’t actually read. Because of its growing popularity, there are more and more “artists” who can’t actually draw, and spend their whole career tracing stuff. Tattoos are permenent pieces of art, they should have a meaning to you, otherwise they’re just meaningless doodles.

I write an awful lot when I’m annoyed…

Sharon asks…

Where can i get a black light tattoo in Chicago?

I went to a place on Belmont looking for a black light tattoo but the lady was rude and told me she didn’t do them and if i found a place that did it would probably be unsafe. So i went home and read about UV ink and though there does seem to be some safety concerns nothings really seemed that threatening. So im looking for any place in Chicago that does clean detailed tattoos and will use UV ink.

The Expert answers:

The only shops that would do that would be…scratcher shops. I’m sure you could probably find a junkie that tattoos out of his basement that will do it for you, too. But, if you called my shop or came in to ask about it, I wouldn’t be rude to you.

Why would you still want it knowing of safety concerns. Just get a good, solid tattoo. If you don’t want that, then you don’t really want a tattoo, and wait a year for this rebellious desire to pass.

Linda asks…

Any suggestions on where to find info on earlier safety requirements of tattooing?

The Expert answers:

Information is below.

Daniel asks…

Can you swim with a new tattoo?

A friend of mine just got a new homemade tattoo late last night (July 26/27). She used a safety pin and a #2 pencil for the ink. She wants to go swimming today. Is it safe to swim already?

The Expert answers:

I’m not gonna bother telling you how much of a risk your friend took. I’m sure that you both know. Besides, I’m not either of your mother, so it’s not really my place (nor anyone that isn’t one of your moms) to b*tch about it.

Anyways, I would tell your friend that swimming with a new homemade tattoo could go either way. It’s not good for tattoos to go swimming, clearly. However, I don’t see what more it could hurt, considering chlorine will disinfect it. Swimming is/was up to her.

As far as everyone complaining and saying it is going to get infected within a week…f*ck them. As long as the safety pin, her skin, and that artist’s hands were clean and disinfected, she should be fine. As far as “lead poisoning” goes, they stopped using lead in #2 pencils ages ago. It’s just graphite. Tell your friend to clean it 3 to 4 times a day, keep Neosporin on it, and wear a band-aid until it is completely healed. If it itches or scabs, do not scratch it or the ink may come out.

Ruth asks…

Tattoo removal for a homemade tattoo?

My boyfriend let his friend give him a tattoo on his hand with a safety pin and India ink. He just pushed the safety pin into his skin to create two letters. My boyfriend needs to get it off ASAP for the army. What is the best way for him to get it off?
Also we’re looking for a home, cheap removal.

The Expert answers:

Hi there,

I understand the urgency. But since you want it fast, you spend a lot more for laser tattoo removal. It’ll bring back the same skin without even making a mess on it. But like what I’ve said it cost hundreds of dollars. Creams can work, but it’ll take some time.

Hope it helps.


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Your Questions About Tattoos

Thomas asks…

Where can I find an inexpensive tattoo artist in Boston, Massachusetts?

I know I always hear “a cheap tattoo isn’t good and a good tattoo isn’t cheap” but what I want is simple enough that anybody could do it (except for me of course).I’m looking for someone in the Boston, Massachusetts (USA) area who will do a small tattoo for under $50. Thanks for your help.
yea I get it, thanks, but that’s not helpful at all. Useful answers only please.

The Expert answers:

It’s going to be on your body permanently. I wouldn’t settle for an “inexpensive” artist. When it comes to tattoo’s, “inexpensive” is equivalent to “mediocre”.

Linda asks…

Best tattoo artist south of Boston?

The best work I’ve personally seen is from Midas at Cobra Customs. I’m looking to get a highly detailed, portrait styled black and grey English style dragon. I don’t like color or soft cartoony lines. Anyone have artists in mind who are talented in this sort of area of design? I live in Plymouth, but I’m willing to travel anywhere within reason.

To give you an idea of what I mean, here’s the best I could find… there would be more detail on the body, but this dark, striking style is what I’m looking for.,r:6,s:50

The Expert answers:

Gotta plug the shop I work at:
There are several artist here that can accomidate your needs.

George asks…

Good Tattoo Shops in Worcester, MA or Boston, MA?

Hi..I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to research their tattoo artist/shop before getting one..I recently moved to Worcester, MA and was wondering if anyone had personal experience with what is a good place, and what might not be so good?
I already have a tattoo, but the artist I went to is in Maine and I don’t want to have to go there anytime I want a tattoo..

Also, I commute to Boston a few times a week so if anyone knows of any good artists there that would be great (and again, as well as places that I should be wary of)

Links to websites would be helpful :) Thanks for all your help!

The Expert answers:

The tattoo fad is over

Sandy asks…

Good artists in the Boston area?

Who are some good artists in the Boston area also I got a tattoo a little over a weak and it’s pretty much healed but the color faded drastically, why is this?

The Expert answers:

It probably faded because you didn’t take care of it very well.

Michael asks…

Tattoo parlor in greater Boston area that doesn’t ID?

I really want a tattoo. My parents know, and they are okay with it but I am still under age. I will be paying with my own money and have enough to “bribe” or otherwise convince an artist. Does anyone know of a tattoo place that is relatively clean in Boston?
All the parlors I’ve checked say 16+ with parental consent, and I’m 14.

The Expert answers:

They don’t want to risk losing their license if they got found out. I don’t think your bribe os worth their going out of business.

You could always try to get a prison tat. There are no rules regarding who can apply them or how old you need to be. I am not sure your parents would be OK with that, really.

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Your Questions About Tattoos

Sandra asks…

put on my tattoo- something broken and beautiful?

I am getting a tattoo with the words “amore senza rimpianti” on it, meaning love without regrets. i was going to have it done in a really elegant script, but with a distorted faded look to it.

But i wanted something behind it and i can’t decide what. I know i want it to be something breathtakingly beautiful, but i want it also be something that’s like broken, i want it to have flaws because love can be a beautiful thing but it itself isn’t always perfect and it can be broken and disastrous. i want something that’s uniquely beautiful, something that catches your eye and has the possibility of being beautiful but people wouldn’t normally find beautiful.

does anyone have any ideas of what anything that is like that that i would be able to put on my tattooo?

The Expert answers:

Picture this – A serpentine dagger, inscribed with “amore”, the tip piercing the skin, and floating, distorted on the surface of the blood flowing from the wound the rest “senza rimpianti” Picture it in a bit of a Dali melted style. It counterpoints the no regrets with the obvious injury. Good Luck!

Donald asks…

alrighty, so this tattoo?

i’m 14 and i know most of you will tell me i’m far too young before you even read this. buuuuuuuuut here goes :
i have been thinking about this tattoo for multiple years now. i want two simple words “beautiful mercy ” on my inner left wrist. this is a “quote” i take dear to heart. i’m very close to God and am never going to change my mind, or regret it. The size will be tiny enough to where i can cover it with a braclet, watch, sweater, concealer,,etc. It is very symbolic and always has been to me. I doubt I’ll even be old enough to get it.My parents, with convincing , have decided to go along with it. the letters will be cursive,small,and black.Very simple, but also very symbolic. What are your opinions? If they are going to be rude please do not bother, if in 10 years or less I don’t like it, then that will be my own problem. I get it. Thank you(: oh and i used “symbolic” alot, my bad! oooh and i’ll be 15 very soon. <3
thank you "boo" !(:

The Expert answers:

If your parents are going along with it, and you love it, go for it! You don’t need to explain to anyone why you should get it. I’m sure it’ll look beautiful and I’m sure you’ll still love it in 10 years.

Steven asks…

A slightly naughty joke, see if you like it :)?

A married man keeps telling his wife “Honey, you have such a beautiful butt”. Every person in the town agrees that she does have a very beautiful butt. The man’s birthday is coming up so she decides to take a trip to the tattoo parlor and get the words “Beautiful butt” tattooed on her ass.

She walks in and tells the tattoo artist he husband thinks she has a beautiful butt. He looks and says, “You do have a beautiful butt”. She then tells the man she wants Beautiful butt tattooed on her ass. The man tells her “I can’t fit that on your ass, it takes up too much space. But I tell you what, I will tattoo the letters BB on each cheek and that can stand for beautiful butt. She agrees and gets it done.

On the man’s birthday she hears him come home and is only wearing a robe. She then stands at the top of the stairs. He opens the door and she says “look honey.” She then takes off the robe she is wearing, bends over, and the man yells “WHO THE FUCK IS BOB?”!

The Expert answers:

I thought it was funny as hell….i had to think a minute befor i actually got it..but it was good..i havent heard it before…im usin it tomorrow

William asks…

Who is bob??????

A married man keeps telling his wife “Honey, you have such a beautiful butt”. Every person in the town agrees that she does have a very beautiful butt. The man’s birthday is coming up so she decides to take a trip to the tattoo parlor and get the words “Beautiful butt” tattooed on her ass.

She walks in and tells the tattoo artist he husband thinks she has a beautiful butt. He looks and says, “You do have a beautiful butt”. She then tells the man she wants Beautiful butt tattooed on her ass. The man tells her “I can’t fit that on your ass, it takes up too much space. But I tell you what, I will tattoo the letters BB on each cheek and that can stand for beautiful butt. She agrees and gets it done.

On the man’s birthday she hears him come home and is only wearing a robe. She then stands at the top of the stairs. He opens the door and she says “look honey.” She then takes off the robe she is wearing, bends over, and the man yells “WHO THE F** K IS BOB?”!

The Expert answers:

If I got a W tattooed on each of my butt cheeks, I could bend over and spell ‘WoW’ at your joke.

Helen asks…

I’m getting a tattoo: is this the proper way to say “beautiful” in ancient Greek?

So I’m going to be getting a tattoo on my ankle soon, and I want it to say “beautiful” in ancient Greek. I’ve looked through many translators and websites, but I can’t seem to find the correct way to say it! I’m thinking of getting something like this…
(it’s the first one, it says “beautiful” under it)

Thanks a ton! I’ve thought long and hard about this, and I’m not getting it for the wrong reasons. So I really appreciate your help!

The Expert answers:

The picture you pointed at reads όμορφη (omorfe; female) coming from male όμορφος (omorfos) and is Modern Greek for pretty, beautiful or handsome.I f you’re cool with its being Modern Greek, you might want to use it. Info on όμορφη at [1]

I personally would go for Ancient Greek, because of the language being much more melodic, inspiring and beautiful (there again!).

In Ancient Greek there are indeed different words for “beautiful”, depending on the aspect you want to express. Here some suggestions (I double-checked this in two different Ancient Greek dictionaries [2])

(1) A beautiful woman seen on the street would be an εὐπρέπεια (eu-prepeia).
(2) There is παράδοξος (para-doxos), an adjective in this variant both masculine and feminine. It means beautiful, strange, remarkable; but also: odd, comical, bizarre.
(3) Another word would be ὡραῖος (o-rai-os) which means sweet, lovely, fair; but rarely: to conform the rules, appropriate. This adjective has a separate feminine (female) form which is ὡραῖα (o-rai-a). I would go for that if you want to say “beautiful” in the context of human beauty.

You could also go for a superiative, which signifies the greatest form of an adjective, meaning ‘immensely beautiful’ or ‘as beautiful as can be’. For ὡραῖος this would be ὡραῖωτατος (o-rai-otatos), for female ὡραῖα – ὡραῖωτατη (o-rai-otate).

I hope this wasn’t too much info…

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Your Questions About Tattoos

Helen asks…

Letter Fonts For a tattoo?

Okay, So I wanna get a tattoo for my brother who just recently passed away but i dont know were I could get letters to do it. i tried google but I want to find a editor where I could type in his name and try different fonts. Were can I find this? Any ideas? But I was LOTS OF fonts. Thanks.

Please thanks.

The Expert answers:

My favorite place is

They have a million fonts all split up into categories so it’s easy to find the type of font you’re looking for, plus, they have a function where you can type in your brother’s name to see what it would look like with all the fonts, instead of having to type it in every time you want to try seeing it in a different font. I definitely recommend it.

Paul asks…

A good Japanese lettering tattoo artist in Orange County, CA?

I’m getting a japanese lettering tattoo and I want a unique font for it. I can’t find a font program where I can specify which font to the artist so I’m looking for a tattoo artist who knows the different strokes to Kanji and might be able to offer their own interpritation of the font. Does that make sense? I want a font where it looks handwritten instead of font from a computer. Any help is appreciated!! Or if someone can point me towards a font program, that will be really helpfull too ^^
I’m getting a japanese lettering tattoo and I want a unique font for it. I can’t find a good kanji font program so I’m looking for a tattoo artist who knows the different strokes to Kanji and might be able to offer their own interpritation of the font. Does that make sense? I want a font where it looks handwritten instead of font from a computer. Any help is appreciated!! Or if someone can point me towards a font program, that will be really helpfull too ^^

(so I don’t get any more “Why kanji if u don’t speak Japanese” answers, let me say… This is a quote that means a lot to me. It’s from a jap artist who I have followed for many years. I know what it says in Eng. This quote is directed to fans and since it spoke to me, I would like it as a tattoo. I got it from a jap. interview and I have asked professional translators at work so I know 4 a fact what it means. Even if I knew how to write it, I rather not have something with my crappy handwriting XD it’s not a fad for me, thanx ^^

The Expert answers:

Im assuming you arent japanese because if you were’ you could just write it out yourself.


You dont see non-spanish-speaking-people getting tattoos in spanish do you? And the same with german, english, french ,etc. Whats the point in getting a tattoo if you dont speak the language, buddy? Honestly…

Hopefully one day people will realize how awful this fad is. Its almost as bad as tribal armbands lol…

Mary asks…

What style font should I get for my new tattoo?

I want to get a new tattoo with the letter B. I just wanted others to suggest a type of font for me to get the tattoo in. I want something fancy and different. So could you please give it your best shot on convinving me with a type of font for the letter “B”.

The Expert answers:

Try a font called porcelain, its awesome

Jenny asks…

Can you confirm these roman numerals are corrsect. Its for a tattoo.?

I am getting a lettering tattoo next week and I have already given the font etc to the tattoo artist.

I just wanted to check that the roman numerals are correct.

The tattoo is PSALM 4:8 so in Roman numerals will it be PSALM IV:VIII

If someone could confirm this I would be greatly appreciated.


The Expert answers:

Yeah that is right!!!! If you want one less than five you put the one in front of the sign

Ruth asks…

How much for a three letter tattoo?

I know that my best bet would be to look for a studio and ask there, but I wanted to get a general idea of how much and base it off of that. If I was getting three letters on my ring finger, only 10 pt. font for example, black, how much would that cost me? I was under the assumption that $50 would be reasonable.

The Expert answers:

It will be 50 max. This gives you choice of letter script and if you decide outline on black letters. No offence intended. Would you be putting it on your right hand ring finger. There is some other thing for your left hand. Will be perm ant fixture . Good luck

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Your Questions About Tattoos

Donna asks…

a tattoo question read details?

what is your favorite tattoo you have and what is you favorite tattoo a person from a band has and what band are they from.

my favorite tattoo on other people is The Rev from Avenged Sevenfold has handcuff on his neck which is awesomeee and Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance has the word halloween tattooed on his fingers and that is awesomeeee too!

The Expert answers:

A pink, purple, green, blue, and black butterfly. It’s right over my butt, I don’t know what that place is called. It says “I love you, you’re on my heart just like a tattoo.” You could chose what the guy tattooed on you under the butterfly. I like the saying ‘I love you’ and I love the song by Jordin Sparks ‘Tattoo’ so I mixed it together. I got it at a local tattoo and body piercing store.

Paul asks…

Do you know any Tattoo artists specializing is small DETAILED pieces?

I am 24 years old. I once saw a TV special on tattoos when I was 14. I remember a segment about extremely small but detailed tattoos.

My problem is that I can’t find the name of the artist(s) specializing in this art form. He/ She is known for tattooing extremely small, but detailed famous artwork like the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper on people’s bodies.

Does anybody know the name of this artist? I would like to have a piece done by him/ her. Thank you very much.

The Expert answers:

Though it is possible to get extremely small detailed work – it is highly unadvisable. The smaller and more intricate the details of your tattoo are, the more likely they are to bleed together the longer you have it. It will look awesome the first year or two you have it, but after that, having a highly detailed tattoo will look horrible in a few years. If you were gonna go with much detail, you need to expand the size of the tattoo – if you are going to go smaller, you need to have less detail. You will regret it! Of course they can tattoo it, but it’s the effect it has in the long run you need to worry about

Mandy asks…

SoCal – Reputable tattoo parlor good with small details/lines. Personal experience preferred.?

Not a hard tattoo, but involves mostly thin lines. Need someone who is good with details. My first tattoo and don’t want someone to screw it up.

The Expert answers:

Visit and go to the forums. It is a piercing website, but there are MANY users from SoCal that can reccommend their tattoo artists. :)

Charles asks…

Best place to get a tattoo? (see details)?

I love tattoos, and i plan on getting multiple ones. However, I’m not sure where I should get my first one. I want a songbird with some writing and a few other small details, and I don’t want it very big. I was thinking of getting it on my shoulder, but I was wondering if it’s very painful to get it on your ribcage? (like on the side, below my chest) I want to be able to cover it up when needed, so I thought that might be better than my shoulder….any thoughts?

The Expert answers:

I already have one on my lower back and it’s a good placement. Other places I would consider if I get more done in the future would be my hip, maybe my stomach, and thigh. Maybe even upper back or shoulder (possibly)

For me, I would need to be able to keep it hidden for work purposes.

Daniel asks…

im gettin a new tattoo and i need to no some details?

a lot of people in my family are all getting a tattoo at the same time, its the O’Sullivan family crest now i googled this but found two images one for the Beara Clan and one for the Mor Clan, is their anyway of knowing which one i belong to? ill add more detail if needed. thanks in advance

The Expert answers:

If I was you I would go to a company that traces your family history. They can be quite expensive but go back generations and generations using marriage licenses, death certificates and other relevant papierwork/records.
If you ask me its worth the money, your whole family doesn’t want to have the wrong crest tattooed on them? Do they?

Good luck! Xx

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Your Questions About Tattoos

Betty asks…

tattoo help ! & this is also for ppl w/ tattoos !?

ok so this is what im thinkin about gettin [ but im still not sure ]. a want a tattoo that says ” live laugh love ” and i want the chinese symbols for them under it…i want my taurus sign and the word taurus under it…i want my name with angel wings around it…i want a cross & praying hands & then a bible verse [ its probably goin to be through god anything is possible ] & then i want a quote. ok so my problem is, idk where i want them to go, or where they would look best at. & i dont want big tattoos, so if u guys have any variations that would make the cross one smaller then please tell me ! but my questions are where would each of these look best at ? & i want them somewhere that is only visible if i have a swimsuit on. [ expect for my wrist, that would be ok ] & do u think i could still model with tattoos ? THNX GUYS !

The Expert answers:

As tattoos become more mainstream, you see them on more and more models, we were actually just looking at a picture of a model with a very well done sleeve in the new surfing magazines swimsuit issue. Anyway, here’s my advice, as a long time tattoo artist, I would first rethink the chinese characters, unless you make sure they are correct and REALLY want them. And if then, maybe just get it in chinese, you’ll look like a chinese-to-english dictionary with both. Also, the live laugh love phrase is becoming a VERY common tattoo, it’s been done at least six times in my shop in the last four months or so.
Besides that, I’d go ribs… And feet… Tattoos always look great there… Also, google image search “meagan (sp?) fox tattoos” she has quite a few tastefully placed pieces. Good luck

Mandy asks…

do you agree that one of the main reasons why boxing is dying is because of floyd mayweather jr?

i know that mma is dominating boxing and there are a lot reasons why, and one of them is floyd mayweather jr. coming out of retirement. this question has been asked before by many, many people. but back then i didn’t have an answer. but now i do, floyd is one of the main reasons why boxing is dying. let me explain:

first of, him acting like a gangster. he is just like allen iverson but with no tattoos. both guys have great talent on the sport that there in. problem is, their ego (he compares himself to Malcolm X and Martin Luther Jr. lets stick with floyd, cause this is about boxing not basketball.

second, him being a racist. he says that all foreigners that don’t live in the US are liars and cheaters. and when he said “all the foreigners”, he meant ALL! asians, mexicans, british, etc. you name it.

third, his criminal record. all of his criminal record are about physical assault on women. golden rule, you never put a hand on a girl. but he did anyway, cause he thinks he is some sort of god. there goes his ego again.

fourth, him lying to the cops about his involvement in a shooting incident in vegas. why would to the cops, unless your hiding something. you know the whole story and some people are convinced that he planned the shooting and got someone else to do it. GANGSTA!

fifth, accusing someone of something but has no proof. he says that manny is on drugs but no proof. our eyes can only see the physical and outside of whatever we/you are looking at. nobody has x-ray vision. yeah your gut might tell you he is on something, key word might. i’ll simplify it for those who doesn’t understand english. for example salt, its looks like sugar. but it doesn’t mean its going to taste like sugar. most of you say why manny didn’t take the drug test is because he is hiding something. i’m not saying he is clean. but if you look at it at a different angle. it means standing up for himself and not taking orders from someone. i mean, he is the champ not the challenger. if you were the champ, do you want to take orders from the challenger? do you want the challenger telling you what to do? i don’t think so unless your that dumb. everytime a reporter or someone ask him “why the drug test now?” why not before? why not when you fought marquez? floyd can never give a straight answer. maybe you can answer this question, why now? why not before?

sixth, when he came back out from retirement, why did he fight marquez? why a natural lightweight? again, people ask him this question but again no straight answer. not only that, he went over the limit. isn’t that cheating. when he and pacquiao was on the business of making a deal with pacquiao, floyd agreed that he will pay some amount when he exceeds the weight limit. which means he is already going to cheat. another question, how many times did floyd mayweather go over the weight limit when he was in a fight? he did in when he fought marquez, he is going to do it against pacquiao. so, how many times did he cheat?

seventh, counterfeit money. now not only he has vegas police up his behind cause of the shooting incident that he was in. now he might (not saying he will) even deal with the FBI. not only that, how many people has he ripped off with his counterfeit money?

in the first episode of 24/7 mayweather-mosley, floyd says he is the face of boxing. do you agree? if yes, well your an idiot! you can never ever be the face of boxing when all these sh!t is coming from floyd.

but enough on what i think. so do you think floyd mayweather jr coming out of retirement is one of the main reasons why boxing is dying. should he just go back to retirement.

The Expert answers:

First of all, your question is retarded. Boxing isn’t dying and it never was. It may not be as popular as it was 30 years ago but neither is basketball. And to think that one man can be held responsible is the most DUMBEST thing I have heard in a good while.

1. Acting like a gangster? Do you even know what the definition of a gangster is?

2. Racist? Post a link even your gonna make this accusation. Because I have never heard that comment from him.

3. Criminal record? That dispute was settled long ago. I don’t remember seeing him doing any jail time. But if a having a criminal record is that much of an issue than Bernard Hopkins, Mike Tyson, James Kirkland, and so many others have also contributed to the suppose downfall of boxing.

4. So now he lied to the police. I guess you have the proof. Why don’t you turn him in? Oh wait, you don’t know $hit. You just assume like every other hater.

5. So you think Manny is standing up for himself against the bully of all bullies. I didn’t he was the easy to push around. You seem to forget that Manny isn’t the easiest person to negotiate with. He wouldn’t even fight Ricky Hatton without a 52/48 purse split in his favor. That was during a time when Hatton was the higher draw. Contract stipulations are the rights of both fighters. The chairman of the NSAC himself said that Floyd has every right to ask for random blood test if he wishes. Why now? I ask you, why not now? Maybe it is because Manny looks stronger, faster, and more durable since he fought Cotto. Every fighter on this planet loses something when they jump up more than one weight class. Whether it be power, speed, reflexes, or whatever. Manny has maintained and/or increased his abilities. That’s why now! Also when Floyd beats Shane he will be WBA champ, so Manny loses that bargaining advantage.

6. Why did he fight Marquez? Outstanding business decision is why! Beat the man who gave Manny never decisively beat. Not only beat him, but beat easily. The public will scream for a Manny/Floyd fight even more. DUH! Floyd has never been overweight for any fight before Marquez and that was done on purpose. Regardless, everybody knows 2 pounds isn’t the reason Marquez got beat. He just wasn’t good enough. And Floyd agreed to the 10 million per pound stipulation because he has no problem making 147. That was just a tactic Top Rank used to get more money if it should happen. But it won’t so get over it.

7. Counterfeit money? We talking about boxing and worried about some fake cash. You sure are hung up on people’s personal lives. You might wanna see a doctor.

In closing, boxing isn’t dying and it never was. And the fact that you would think that it is just shows how ignorant you are.

Ken asks…

Give me some tattoo word ideas please !?

Hey guys soon ill be going in for a tattoo… I decided on getting a single word on both of my wrists. On one wrist Ill have the word “Euphoria” I really love this word. On the other wrist I want to put the word “Ecstasy” Unfortunally I know stupid people will be like “Heyyyy isnt that a drug…*snicker snicker*” So Maybe you guys can give me another word that goes along with my idea… Or tell me what you think I should do.

But wat do u guys think of me getting the word ecstasy?

The Expert answers:


Chris asks…

what do you guys think of my tattoos ?

i would love your opinions please………..

1st one:

meaning,,,,the star represents my mom and its her birthstone color, and the ribbons going down are how many people in the family, the cross can speak for itself. bottom is the year i was born and the initials need to be worked on that will be my ,mom and dads first letter to their name.

2nd one:

this ones meaning,,,,,,,,the two doves represent love 1 boy 1 girl and the nautical star was used along time ago for sailors to find their way back so i put the word believe in it cuz i will always find my way and i believe in one true love, and the crazy thing is right after i drew that i met my boyfriend who just so happens to be in the navy and i have the nautical star and i love him so much, but thats not the reason for the tattoo

3rd one:

this one represents my family, i love the nautical stars so im gunna have 7 of them for each family member goin down my arm zig zaged and in the middle of each star is something that reminds me of that person for example my dads is the maltese cross cuz firefighter, and my brothers a big gamer so i got a controler with the wire wrapped around the star………….etc.

and last but not leas 4th for now :

represents alaska i was born and raised there, the eagle represents freedom and i have the big dipper from the flag but instead of the stars i used forget me nots ……alaskas state flower and the very last star i acutually used a nautical star to stand out for the north star, im not sure if im keepin the dragonfly with it or the quote

so any thoughts?
1st is gunna be on my arm into a sleeve eventually 2nd across my collar bone then eventually connected to sleeves 3rd on my other arm but i am gunna touch that one up a bit and 4th one is gunna be one my arm as well but it will flow with other things

The Expert answers:

I like the 1st one and 4th one. The others im not so crazy about. Where are you going to put them all?

Carol asks…

I need help with a one word creative name for my series?

Okay, I’m making a sims 2 series and I need a clever name for it. Im not very creative when it comes to these kind of things. Anyway, its about a young girl named Alyssa. She’s very sweet, shy, and loving. Shes really into ballet. Her parents were just recently killed in a car accident. Ballet is what keeps her mind off of it.On her way home one night from practice, she’s attacked in an alley way and a mysterious guy saves her. Its one of those love at first sight type of thing. He’s very handsome, black hair, tattoos, and a scar on his left cheek. Anyway, she doesn’t get his name. He just leaves without saying a word. For the next couple weeks she wonders who he is.She wants to know who he is and be able to thank him for what he did. Her 2 best friends are Zoe and Jason. Zoe is a very out-going, crazy, and funny girl. Her hair is always a different color and she has a lot of piercings. Jason is a very handsome, confident, and charming guy. Jason has always been in love with her and now he just can’t help himself. He makes many advances towards Alyssa and she rejects him. She insists that they just be friends, because she doesn’t want to lose him a friend and he’s not her type. Eventually he becomes violent due to the fact she wont ever be with him. He beats her up pretty badly and leaves her on the ground. Mystery guy comes to save her and he takes her back to his place.Which is a gang hideout type deal. Then it goes on from there. I just wanted to give a little description of the story and maybe you could base it off of that. Mystery mans name is Chase. If that helps. I just need some suggestions for a title. I would preferably like for it to be just one word. In just can think of any. Thank you for your time and creative-ness!! :)

The Expert answers:

Solace. (comfort.)
Alyssa. (Her name.)
Affection. (Another word for love.)

It’s pretty hard to think of one word names. Here’s a couple with more than one word, if you change your mind.

Chasing Love. (Chase, the mystery guy, Chase-ing love, because she loves him.)
Alyssa’s Chase. (Alyssa and her mystery love, Chase.)
Mystery Chase. (Mysterious man, Chase.)
The Ballet Girl. (Alyssa.)
The man with the scar and tattoos. (Pretty long, but I think it’s an alright name.)

Sorry for the lack of one word names :.

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Your Questions About Tattoos

Paul asks…

What is a good tattoo to represent becoming a mother?

I really want to get a tattoo to represent recently becoming a mother. I want something totally unique, but that will still reflect my new role as mama. I’m not into stuff like rainbows, hearts and I’d rather it not have any words too. I have a few ideas already but I want to see what ideas anyone else might have. I have several tattoos already so I’m not one to shy away from larger pieces – any suggestions?

The Expert answers:

Okayy i thought this is a cute idea… Take a pic of you and ur babys hands next to each other like giving a hi-5 but just placing ur hands on each other….take the pic and go to the artist and he/she will draw it up and its like a memory of you and ur child…
get a portrait of your baby when he/she was young and later in life when they are older show them ….
ur babys name with their footprints

hope i helped and congrats :)

Steven asks…

Finger tattoos (on your finger not of the finger)?

Ok–I dont need to to tell it me it is going to fade–I got that ok?

But neways–I need some unique funky ideas…I was thinking of the word “Shh…” but I dont want people to think I am copying Rhianna!!!! Give me some help and also does it hurt more or less? In terms of other places on the body.

The Expert answers:

Screw you on the middle

Laura asks…

What’s a good symbol for “Serenity”?

I’ve put a lot of thought into the meaning of my next tattoo. Ive decided on “Serenity” (from the serenity prayer” The problem is, I don’t really want to get just the word tattooed on me. I’m looking for a symbol that means “serenity”. I don’t want to use a japanese charachter or anything. I want something as unique as possible. Any suggestions with a little background is appreciated.

The Expert answers:

晴朗, 风和日丽, 平静, 沉着, 宁, 宁静 in simplified Chinese
晴朗, 風和日麗, 平靜, 沉著, 寧, 寧靜 in traditional Chinese

(Enter ‘serenity’)

平穏, 晴朗, 清澄, 沈着, 静穏, 静寂 in Japanese

Chris asks…

I need helping on creating a unique me tattoo…?

Ok im getting a tattoo…so please don’t post no i shouldn’t get one or that they are ugly i don’t care i love them.

Ok i need one that resembles my life and a lot of stuff i have been through…

-Strength(mainly this one)
-Starting over

Any symbols, animals, words…that would help a lot!

im a girl…kinda girly but im country so nothing like skulls or weird stuff haha

Thanks sooo much!

<3 J

The Expert answers:

Get one of a penis.

Ruth asks…

foreign words for impossible amount of love.. ?

I love unique words like, citost; meaning realizing ones one self pity.
I’m looking for a word that means like huge amount of love.
Wierd request i know, i’m getting ideas for a tattoo.

The Expert answers:

In what language is “citost”? If it’s slavic that doesn’t mean what you think it does, it means when you eat and you’re full. Just so you know.

If you want one word I can tell you one that’s really not common but might work.
Ljubavčina. It means huge love in Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian.

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Your Questions About Tattoos

Nancy asks…

Word Placement? ( Pictures Included)?

I sketched up my tattoo design real quick, and just outlined it with a sharpie.
To give you a better idea, the hand and bottom part of the earth will all be in color. The top part of the earth with be in black and gray, as if I was still sketched with a pencil, yet to be painted.

My question is where do the words look better?
“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.”

Thanks :)

The Expert answers:

The 1st one is best.. The words are less crowded (:

Mandy asks…

Placement for this tattoo? I’m really unsure where it would look good?

Okay so basically I want a tattoo with the words ‘Just another picture to burn’ and a picture beside it, with mannequins in it not real people and I want the picture to look like its burning.

I know its going to have to be quite a big tattoo and I duno where it would suit, i was thinking maybe the inside of my forearm or something? any ideas greatly appreciated…I already have 3 on my back (lower, upper, and all of one side) and one on my foot.

Anyways once again greatly appreciate any opinions on placement =)
Ohh and don’t tell me its a stupid idea, its a phrase that means a lot to me, and is actually part of one of my favourite songs…so save your time if thats all you’re going to do

The Expert answers:

Rib cage!

Mark asks…

tattoo placement suggestions?

i’ve got an idea for a tattoo that’s been on my mind for a while now. i wanna get the following lyrics from the cure’s “just like heaven” tattooed on me.
“you, soft and only
you, lost and lonely
you, strange as angels
dancing in the deepest oceans
twisting in the water
you’re just like a dream”
this is one of my favorite songs. i thought about having it start around the side of my hip, going down the side of my thigh. are there any other parts of my body that the lyrics would look good on? also, do tattoo parlors generally charge by the word?

The Expert answers:

The only other place it will fit is the back. Place it in a nice antique scroll and it will look awesome. They generally don’t charge by the letter if its scrip.

Sharon asks…

tattoo placement?

I want to get a swallow tattoo on me with the words “one step at a time” written around it,

i really wanted it on my foot but my feet are small (size 3) and i don’t think it will look right with the amount of detail i want.

can anyone suggest another good place to have it done?

(im not keen having it on my tummy or arms.)

The Expert answers:

Maybe on your shoulder. Your ribs, maybe, too. That sounds like a great tattoo.

Good luck!

Carol asks…

Tattoo Placement Ideas?

I have an idea for a lower back tattoo ( please don’t call it a tramp stamp) of two hands one drawing the trunk of a tree and one painting the falls leave on.. anyways, i want it eventually but i don’t think im ready yet because its going to be big. ive been thinking of just getting the word create somewhere but im not sure where..
any ideas where to put it?
or any comments about my tattoo ideas?

The Expert answers:

Obviously this is your first tattoo. My advice is to get something that emotionally means something to you. You seem young, so 50 years from now, make sure it’s still going to mean something. Picture your personality at 75, a wife (or husband, not sure which is entitled to you), possibly divorced or widowed, a grandmother/grandfather, all the historical things you have lived through. If it’s still going to be meaninful, go for it.

I don’t think a pair of hands would look good on your lower back, have you thought of the upper back, between your shoulder blades maybe? Your rib cage would look good, but pretty painful depending on how much meat you have on your bones. I am pretty skinny, so they were the most painful. Personally, I think words look good as an arm band, on the wrist and ankle.

Also keep in mind that years later you may want to add to that particular tattoo. Don’t say you won’t because I thought that too, and now I want to add to all 8 of mine, even the big ones. Why “Create” though? That seeems kind of odd. I would add art to it depending on location.

Don’t say your not ready yet though. If you have the motivation and the money, do it, or you never will! Tattooes are great and enjoyable to get! Also, keep in mind: You can’t stop at just one!

Have fun and keep us posted!

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Your Questions About Tattoos

Maria asks…

word tattoo ideas for strength on the back on my neck pleasee?

i’m getting my first tattoo a little below the back of my neck. i don’t want anything crazy. either a small quote or a word to represent the hardships i’ve gone through and how strong i’ve been. i was thinking about strength in a script with a simple line design around it but i didn’t know if that would be too cliche. help please? =) thankyou.

The Expert answers:

What about “Carpe Ciem”. It means ” Seize today!” I love it.

Try a temporary tattoo first to see if you really want to have one in the first place.

I don’t understand tattoos. To me it’s a bit like finding a shirt or something that you really like. In fact you like it so much that you decide to iron t on for the rest of your life.

Go temporary first so that you can test drive it. If you still like it a few months down the track then have it permanently… If you really must.

Lisa asks…

What’s a really pretty, eloquent, and/or just cool design for a tattoo of the word “Love”?

I’ve been wanting one so bad, but I can’t seem to find something that’s not too harsh.

I’ll take any ideas!

Thank you!
Nikki <3 :]]

The Expert answers:

Could try this Tattoo search engine using word “Love”.

Steven asks…

What picture could go with the word Aries, for a tattoo design on my wrist.?

The Expert answers:

How about have water droplets coming off each letter?

Lizzie asks…

would it damage my gumshield if I tattoo a word onto it?

I really want to have a certain word on my gumshield for when I fight however I cant find this specific design anywhere. I have tattoo equipment and want to know if anyone else has tried to tattoo a word onto their gumshield and if it was a success or a disaster

The Expert answers:

Tattoo ink would not be “permanent” enough in the latex — you’ll probably end up with it all over your mouth. Best is to have one custom made (see link for one example). If you still want to try it, then after you’ve done the tattooing try “refitting” the mouthpiece… In other words, put it in hot water the same way you did when you first got it, and hopefully this will help re-seal the punctures made by the tattoo needle(s). Let it cool, then do it again so you can then get your bite reset in it.

Betty asks…

What would be a better word for this tattoo?

I found this tattoo i want but its racist the way it is in this picture. It says WHITE PRIDE. I want the same design just different words. The middle letter has to be the same as you can see. So post what you think would be better as the Words. The tattoo is for a guy.
well im having a black guy give me the tattoo and the iron cross most people think of Nazis but thats not why im gettin it and i dont think white pride helps lol

The Expert answers:

Something like “___ PRIDE” is still good too, maybe just make it your own nationality. Like, “ITALIAN PRIDE” or something. (:

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