Your Questions About Tattoos

Nancy asks…

Shoulder blade tattoo designs for women?

I want a tattoo that goes from shoulder blade to shoulder blade (it doesn’t cover just one shoulder blade…it goes across.) I am looking for a tribal or a star design. Keep in mind that I am a girl who is turning 18 and I want something that it cute. Any pictures? Thanks!

The Expert answers:

Have a serious look at

All the best

Mandy asks…

Nice chest tattoo designs for women ?

I need some tips for tattoo designs.

I’m looking into getting a tattoo on my chest and just want some opinions.


The Expert answers:

Don’t do it they turn off almost all guys and the guys that do go with would only be there cause they think ur easy. No man really wants to marry a woman wit a tat cause almost all women that have a tattoo sleep around like ho’s and come across as masculine which is very unattractive for men that wanna be in a long relationship. If u do get 1 u might find that u only achieve one night stands.

Chris asks…

good site for tattoo designs for women?

anyone know of a good site with designs for women? nothing gaudy, just simple

The Expert answers:

Think Before You Ink

Jenny asks…

Tattoo designs for women?

Where can I find the best tattoo designs for women?

The Expert answers:

When it comes to tattoo designs for women, this website has the biggest selection I have seen and they have some really great tattoo designs I think women would love.

Check it out.

Susan asks…

i want to get a tattoo what are some good designs for women?

i am 17 i have long brown hair im a girly girl

The Expert answers:

Lilies are really pretty and elegant on girls.
Any flower really.
It depends on what you like and your favorite colors.

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