Your Questions About Tattoos

Lisa asks…

whats the font of the tattoo on the girls arm in unholy confessions?

Im getting a tattoo in memory of “The Rev” and i need the Avenged Sevenfold fant for it. anybodu know what it is?

The Expert answers:


That dude won’t be remembered in a few years time.

Mary asks…

Whats a cute lettering font for a girl tattoo?

Im getting a quote going down my spine,i just want to know what would be a cute lettering font for a girl,but not tooo girly that will not look tacky down the any opinions?

The Expert answers:

The best is a cursive. It will never go out of style. You could get thin cursive or a really loopy cursive.

George asks…

Do you think a small tattoo on a girls wrist will look hot?

i want my birthday 21st of july on my wrist in roman numerals (XXI VII). What size font do you think this should be in?
thanx for your opinions xxx
yh sorry i do mean the inside of my left wrist so that it can be covered with a watch or bangle for work x

The Expert answers:

I think it will look awesome! Great idea!

Thomas asks…

What is your favorite font for a tattoo?

I am a girly girl, no tattoos before. I really want a tattoo that says “Baron” my late cats name who I adored, what is a pretty font that will look nice on the skin? I’m thinking about just getting the word Baron on my left wrist maybe with a little picture of the cat. Please no rude answers, thank you!

The Expert answers:

You can go to a word pad on your computer and see what you like best, but when it comes to a writing tattoo the artiest themselves do a great job with their own handwriting. The script or what ever they do is pretty amazing and they have ways that just make it stand out into their own.

Laura asks…

What font is this on this tattoo?

I want this font for my tattoo that I’m going to get…..×300.jpg

The Expert answers:

Looks like some sort of script font to me. Print the pic and bring it with you for a reference.

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