Your Questions About Tattoos

Mary asks…

Any cool tattoo ideas for women?

So, im going to be getting my first tattoo soon, and i just wanted to know if any of you have any really good stomach/back tattoos that are cute/sexy. I’m a scorpio, so if you have any tattoos of those thatd be cool too.

The Expert answers:

Just get anything you desire.

Richard asks…

What are some unique Tattoo Sleeve ideas for women?

I’m looking to get a sleeve soon, and have some ideas of my own. However I’m just curious of others’ ideas. I’m looking for originality and uniqueness.

The Expert answers:

How about a sleve inspired by one of your favorite song?

I did a drawing once of a Black Sabbath song called ‘Into the void’ and it seemed to be a cool sleave design if any one wanted it to be :)

How about a look on , as you can probably get different ideas from the art on there and it may inspire you to think of new things =]

James asks…

Sexy bellow the belly button tattoo ideas for women?

The Expert answers:

NO do not do it. It screams out “I am a slut”

Tattoos = Regret

David asks…

Wrist tattoo ideas for women?

I’m getting my first tattoo and I want to get it on my wrist. I am getting it to reward myself for graduating and getting my associates. I have been looking at pictures online but I haven’t found any that I am really in love with.
I have been thinking about getting some sort of saying with just a couple words, like “Just a Girl” or even just one word like “Hope”, I also like the idea of simple little birds, i’ve been seeing quite a few of those tattoos and thought they were cute plus i thought they would be a good symbol of moving on and being free.
I really need some more ideas of what to get, I have looked at the questions and answers that other people have posted that are similar to mine but I want to find something unique, if you could help me out that would be great.

The Expert answers:

You want to “reward” yourself by permanently altering your appearance in a negative way that will forever affect the way people view you? I suggest you do not get a tattoo. A tattoo is little better than a cartoon—you can’t get a good quality drawing on the human skin. It will deface your body like ugly graffiti defaces a public building. There is a big cost to getting a tattoo, and it is far more than wasted money. The true cost of a tattoo is a lifetime of regret. Most regret it within 5 years. There is an 80% chance you will regret it in your lifetime. The regret starts after you start to notice how people react to you. Some will look at you with disgust, for tattoos are offensive to many, many people. There are serious practical reasons not to get tattooed. Your chances of getting a good job will be greatly diminished—most companies will not hire you since your tattoo will be seen as offensive to other workers. The majority of people get tattooed when young and their decision making process is not yet matured. Youth tends to be impulsive. Young people are still developing and they need to be very careful in making important, permanent decisions. The reason young people get tattooed is for reasons that are not mature (i.e. They want people to notice them, they want to pretentiously “honor” someone, they are rebelling against their parents or society, they are conforming to what they think are social norms, they are unable to see ahead and view the negative results of their actions, etc.) In a large sense, nothing illustrates the degeneration of western culture more than the entertainment industry encouraging impulsive youth to permanently disfigure themselves in order to “express themselves”. But such is the power of suggestion that more and more young people are buying into this Hollywood lie that tattoos are a cutting edge way to “express” yourself. But that is so not true. You should express yourself with your words and actions, not by inking graffiti onto your living flesh. The message you will actually convey with a tattoo is “I am foolish”, “I make bad decisions”, “I have no sense of right and wrong,” “I follow any fad at any cost” and “I am unemployable”. If you want to see the true level of cultural development for tattoos and other body modifications, look at this video: I am telling you this because I care about you and I want to help you. Good luck to you in your life. But do not get tattooed. Tattoos are permanent. You can not take them back.

Susan asks…

Tattoos for women ideas, anyone?

I want to get a tattoo soon. I’ve always wanted a few tattoos, but I don’t have any yet. I need some ideas. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

1) my zodiac sign- I’m a Virgo
2) birds. lol
3) flowers/stars
4) sugar skull

2 and 3 obviously don’t mean anything to me, I just think they’re pretty. As for 4, I have no idea what meaning I would put with it. I think sugar skulls are really pretty tattoos, and each one is individual b/c they’re supposed to have a theme to them, or that’s what I’ve read.

Any cute tattoo ideas out there? I’m not into playboy bunnies or anything like that. I just want something pretty. :)

Oh. I want it either on my foot, my shoulder blade, or the back of my neck. No arm/wrist/leg tattoos here lol.

Thanks guys!
BTW- Pictures accepted and greatly appreciated!

The Expert answers:

I really adore Sugar Skull tattoos, I think they are gorgeous! However I strongly feel that tattoos should have a personal meaning to them and they aren’t just to look good, because it is more than likely that you will regret it!

You could always add a quote or lyrics which you think are special or motivational in whatever way to you to make it a bit more personal.

However, the whole tattoos having meanings just something I think obviously you may disagree. But out of all the suggestions you made, I’d say get the sugar skull and it’d look killer on your foot I think! – Pretty painful, but it’d look wonderful!

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