Your Questions About Tattoos

Jenny asks…

Where can I find some really sexy tattoo designs for girls?

The Expert answers:

For ideas to get you started, check out

It’s like MySpace meets Photobucket for tattoos.
It’s great to get you started, but when you start to get ideas, draw up your own. Or have a tattoo artist draw one for you. Tattoos should be unique. I would die if I saw someone with the same tattoos as me. I’m very proud of them, and have drawn them all myself.

Sharon asks…

small tattoo designs for girls?

i just want a small tattoo on my hip, but i can’t find anything that looks nice. Probs something like a love heart or flower or start, are there any good designs anywhere?
i dont want just a cute tattoo, i want a nice flower to smbolise my grandparents because i never knew them.
i dont want just a cute tattoo, i want a nice flower to smbolise my grandparents because i never knew them.

The Expert answers:

I personally like this one simple tattoo.


I’d get that bird in a gold ink.

Paul asks…

tattoo designs for girls ankle/coverup????

I need to know where to look to get FREE tattoo designs to look at so i can already have it decided.

The Expert answers:

I wish I could help, but the help I give is by actually designing the tat myself. If you gave details about what you wanted, I could totally design something for you and describe.

John asks…

Star Tattoo Designs for Girls?

i am a good and looking for tattoo.. i want a star, nice ones u can intro? but im only 16.. will my mom nag?

The Expert answers:

Honestly, that depends on your mum sweetie. But generally, any mum would nag especially when you’re only 16.

If you’re really keen on getting a tattoo, just get it. It’s your life. Your mum will be furious no doubt. But she’ll cool down. Of course don’t get too absurd and get a BIG star tattoo design on your shoulders. It’s gonna piss her off.

Go for something small first I’d suggest. Like a small star tattoo design on your wrist.


The 5th star tatoo design for girls looks pretty slick in my opinion for starters.

You should like it sweetie. Since you’re young, read up on the basics of tattoo as well ya. It’s gonna help you.

Steven asks…

any tattoo designs for girls………………………..?

website links please or pictures of your own!

i’im hopefully gettin two or three small ones.. i want one on my writst maybe of a rose to show growth or a simple word like believe or strength. I want one on my finger of a bow like a ring style but not seen others so not sure yet. and then one at the bottom of my neck at the back of a butterfly or something? any ideas, pictures etc please. thanks

The Expert answers:

Sounds good .don’t 3 stars though way tooo popular.

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