Your Questions About Tattoos

George asks…

What are some cool tattoo ideas for girls?

I want a tattoo but there are so many things to get so i would like to your opinion. I want something thats cool but not too girly.
Also i was thinking of something maybe in writing like sanscrit or a symbol of protection or something. What do ya’ll think?

The Expert answers:

Get something that means something to yoU!
I like tattoos that have a story behind them.
Ones that are like stepping stones and journeys of people’s lives.
Something you want to remember or always have with you.
A quote, a date, someone name, a symbol.

Nancy asks…

Do you have any cute Italian tattoo ideas for girls?

I was thinking about getting my first tattoo and I wanted it to be something that expresses my Italain hertiage. My whole life, my grandfather and my father called me, “Principessa,” which means “princess” in Italian. I was thinking about just getting that, but I am not too sure. Do you have any cute ideas or pictures? Thank you!

The Expert answers:

If your a princess then why not do a crown as your tattoo

Thomas asks…

Any small tattoo ideas for girls?

Ìm pretty young yet so Im not planning on anything extreme. Im not really sure what I should get . . . I was thinking maybe one of those chinese symbols. Any ideas?

The Expert answers:

I have several tattoos my first was a love heart on my hip representing a loved one i had lost due to heart problems 2nd tattoo was a butterfly on my lower back reflecting a time in my life were i wanted to be free from pain, i guess what i am trying to say is you should make your tattoos meaningful to you, dont just get a tattoo because its similar to what everyone else has. :):):) xxxx

Carol asks…

What are some popular tattoo ideas for girls?

Ex – Hearts, Stars.

But the way its designed

The Expert answers:

The best tattoo idea for a girl is to stay far, far away from tattoos and those who have them. Any tattoo is a vulgar attack on the decency of man. And yet, more and more young people are buying into the Hollywood poison that tattoos are cool ways to “express” yourself. But it is not true. You should express yourself with your words and actions, not by inking graffiti onto your living flesh. The message you will actually convey with a tattoo is “I am foolish”, “I am unemployable” “I make bad decisions” “I am a gullible robot that will do whatever I see on TV”. I suggest you do not get a tattoo. A tattoo is a permanent cartoon-like drawing that will permanently your body like ugly graffiti defaces a public building. There is an 80% chance you will regret it, especially when you start to notice how regular, normal people react to you. They will look at you with disgust and pity, and over time, it will really get to you. Nothing illustrates the degeneration of western culture more than blind youth permanently disfiguring themselves over some warped idea of ‘expression” Tattoos are permanent. You can not take them back.

“All it takes for Evil to prevail in this world is for good men to do nothing”. Edmund Burke

Donald asks…

Big back tattoo ideas for girls?

I want a back tattoo, but I don’t want it super huge, but not little either, any ideas?

Thanks .

The Expert answers:

Try to think of a meaningful design for you. Its gonna be there for a while so might as well have it mean something

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