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William asks…

Pretty Cursive Tattoo Fonts?

My father passed in April of 2009 and since then I’ve been thinking of a tattoo to get in his memory. I dont consider myself a regular person so I didnt want to get the traditional r.i.p tatt, a cross or some cheesy roses. I researched father-daughter songs and came across a beautiful song by Tim McGraw. The name of it is “My Little Girl’. The chorus really speaks to me and I wanted to use half of it which reads: “Go on, take on this whole world. But to me you know you’ll always be, my little girl” Along with this line I was going to put my dad’s signature under it to set it apart from others. I want a really really nice font to compliment this tattoo but I need help! I’ve looked online and although they have been helpful none have stood out to me. Could you offer some websites with unique cursive tatt fonts I would really appreciate it!!!
Thanks in advance=)

The Expert answers:

Look at They have a lot of different fonts and you can see examples of what your quote would look like. I used old script for my tattoo and love it.

Maria asks…

Traditional cursive tattoo fonts?

Site where i could see examples?

The Expert answers:


Sandra asks…

I need a good font for a cursive tattoo?

I don’t care about your opinion or what you say about it I just need good cursive fonts for a tattoo Im getting in memory of my brother. It’s going to say “R.I.P Anthony” and im getting it on my wrist any good websites to generate this in some good looking cursive?

The Expert answers:

I got my tattoo fonts from

they make you pay for it but theres a trick you pick any font you want and type in rip anthony after that you can hit the print scan button and the open up the program called paint your computer should have it it might be in accessories and once you hit print scan you just got to go to paint and hit edit and then past and then you can print it. It will be small but the tattoo shop can draw it up bigger for you thats what i did and the web site has like a million fonts

Carol asks…

Can someone recommend me a site for cursive tattoo fonts?


The Expert answers:
it will even let you type in what you want so you can view that exact word in over 4000 fonts, and narow your search down by things you like

John asks…

tattoo fonts?

I want to know which one of these cursive fonts you all like for my tattoo. I can’t decide on which one I like the most. give me the number. or if you have another font that you like please give me a name or something, thanks!!!
by the way, its my sons intials. and I will be getting his birth date with it.
I would do the hand or foot prints but thats too big of a tattoo for me and I know lots of people that have gotten that done recently.

The Expert answers:

Get what makes you happy,
but know what you are getting.

Make sure your artist
is really good at script.
You don’t want to be the
only one who can read it.
Think Before You Ink

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