Your Questions About Tattoos

Lisa asks…

tattoo removal?

My dad has a few tattoo‘s up his arm that he is really unhappy with, but when i suggest getting them removed he also complains that it will leave his arms terribly scared from the removal. Is there anyway of getting tattoo‘s removed without causing permanent damage to the skin? around how much would this cost?
btw he’s unhappy with them because He REGRETS them, he doesnt want to go over them

The Expert answers:

I had a tattoo removed myself from my back about 3 years ago.
It was very painful because it’s done with lasers, and it’s quite expensive, it depends on the size of it and the colours. Some colours break down better than others.
I think mine used to cost me £80 every time I went but it wasn’t that big. I used to go every 6 to 8 weeks and I had about 10 treatments.
I can’t say I have a scar from it. I can still see it slightly but that’s only because I got pregnant and couldn’t have the last couple of treatments I needed but I wouldn’t hesitate going back to get the last ones done.
I think the general idea is that it costs about £100 per square inch.
Hope this helps

Sandra asks…

Tattoo removal?

I have two tattoo‘s one on each arm and I want to get rid of them. I want to do it by ‘tattoo removal cream’. Has anyone tried it? Do you know of any that look like they might really work?

The Expert answers:

Depends on the quality of the ink you were tattooed with. If you go to a tattoo parlor, they can fill you in on your options. In Ybor City, FL, there are tattoo parlors that do removal on site. Look to see if this is an option in your area and go to that parlor to have your tattoo evaluated. They want your business so they’ll most likely give you the advice for free.

If your tattoo is of any decent quality and hasn’t been faded by years of sun abuse, you’ll probably have to have it removed by laser. If you have any white in it at all, that is your only option and even then, it will take many zaps before the white is gone.

Susan asks…

Tattoo Removal?

So I made the mistake of getting a tattoo at 19 and again at 22, I do love my tattoos, but I am now regreting getting them in such a visible area. I feel slightly embarrassed in professional situations or applying for new jobs. Anyway…I was hoping for some direction to a good Dr’s office in the central CA area that offers laser removal. Please only reply if you have had or personally know someone who has had successful laser removal treatments. Thanks!!!

The Expert answers:

Here are alot of places you can go for low to no cost tattoo removal in all counties of California. I am currently going to Homeboy Industries to remove 4 of mine, and it is 100% free. I have had 5 sessions so far and my next one is next month. Please keep in mind that tattoo removal is VERY painful and it takes a very long time. I have to wait 3 months in between each of my treatments and it takes anywhere from 5-15 treatments each. You need to just stick with it and eventually it will be gone!! Good Luck

Michael asks…

How much does tattoo removal usually cost?

I have a tattoo on my left shoulder blade that I want gone. How much does it usually cost to get a tattoo removed? Is the proceedure painful? I’ve heard the removal with leave a horrible scar, is this true? And if so, is the scar the shape of the tattoo?
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

The Expert answers:

I am currently going through the process of having several tattoos removed. I am driving over 4 hours away to a dermatologist who specializes in these procedures. It cost $400 per session (a session is about 15 minutes) he currently is working on three different tattoos in those 15 minutes. It is very painful but thank goodness it only last 15 minutes and very expensive. I have one tattoo that the doctor thinks will take 4-6 sessions so that one tattoos is going to end up costing me any where from $1600-2400 to get it removed. A very costly mistake. If there is anyone out there considering a tattoo please read this first. Not only is there pain and a lot of cost after the treatments a lot of times I get blistering and have to be careful about clothing rubbing on the blisters. If you are considering a tattoo please think twice.

Nancy asks…

Can laser tattoo removal really remove tattoos (black) or does it always leave a cloudy mess behind?

I am debating whether to remove a large tattoo that is mostly black and grey. But I’d hate to leave behind a cloud of funk. The people at the tattoo removal place swear that black comes off completely. What do you think?

The Expert answers:

All the ones I’ve seen, you can still see something there after.

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