Your Questions About Tattoos

Sandra asks…

Where can I find a script font generator for a tattoo?

I’m getting a tattoo on Thursday and I need the quote I’m getting printed out in the font I want. I’ve found fonts that I like, but I’m unable to put my words into the font. All the generators I’ve found have been cheesy fonts. Anyone know of a good, free font generator that has some nice script fonts??

Thanks so much!

The Expert answers:

My recommendation would be to get the artist to produce some script. A talented artist would be much more likely to create something free-flowing and gorgeous than a computer could.

Linda asks…

Tattoo font generator site?

Is there any site that shows fonts for tattoos but doesnt just show ABC but shows all the letters in that font?Thanks

The Expert answers:

Joseph asks…

A tattoo font generator website that will let me type in my words and preview how it will look.?

The Expert answers:

With the help of a bitter hawk will she evade capture and manage to stay in … An online random word generator. It creates random words several …. Type a message and set your options, then click ‘Preview’ to see the …. Pick a tattoo out of hundreds of designs (you can also upload your own …. Make Me Babies .

Lizzie asks…

website with tattoo fonts?

I want a script tattoo on my ribs and want an to look through different fonts to see to get an idea of what type of font I want, is there a website that has a good font generator or something, fonts that are meant for tattoo‘s not computer fonts like times new roman etc lol

The Expert answers:


I picked my font off of there for my tattoo…just print it off and show it to your artist :)
Good luck and have a lovely day!

Lisa asks…

“I’m getting a tattoo in hebrew but I want it in a different font. Where can I do that?

Is there an online generator or anything?

The Expert answers:

Search the web for “Hebrew fonts” or “Hebrew TTF”. You can download true-type fonts (TTFs), install them, then type text in Word (or any other program that lets you choose fonts), and print it out.

Some sites: (towards the bottom)

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