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Mary asks…

Canada flag tattoo designs (for men)?

I am a 17 year old and finally got permission to get a Tattoo, I know for sure i want it to be some type of Canada flag or maple leaf on ether my shoulder blade or just bellow my knee on the side of my leg. If any one has seen anything or knows of a good website for designs let me know. i need it as quick as possible and all suggestions are greatly appreciated, Also if any one else has a suggestions for placement let me know. Thanks

The Expert answers:

Whats Canada… Isnt that a town?

I feel like im forgetting something… Oh well I normally only remember important things.

Grats on tattoo

John asks…

Star Tattoo Designs for Men?

Yeah my guy wants to get a star tattoo designs. He is the softer kind you know..

The Expert answers:

LOL…. This is the first time hearing a guy would wanna get a star tattoo design but it’s okay since you said he belongs to that category.

As much as I hate guys with star tattoo designs, you should get him to at least go for tribal. At least a tribal star tattoo designs for men.

Check out the 7th one:

But hey, just try your best to recommend him to get a tribal design. Star on a guy = NO NO.

Jenny asks…

Star tattoo designs for men?

I want two star tattoos on my chest, one left and one right.
same size and place and angle as this pic but i am not sure on the design to have?
any ideas?×225.jpg


maybe this design but in the same place as the other pic

Help! any ideas??

The Expert answers:

I really like both of those designs. I think I prefer the first one. I don’t know what you’re asking for, other star designs? Or opinions on those?

I think they look perfectly manly and that’s a sexy place to put them. It’s up to you though, which do you like better?

Carol asks…

Where can i find a bunch of tribal tattoo designs for men that have all points or hooklike ends?

I want to find a tattoo kindof like a tribal sleeve but i want it to be like tribal blades and them all to come to points or come back like a hook. This would be really bad ass i just can’t find anything. I don’t want it to come to one point at the end of the arm sleeve. i want it to almost look like claws right next to each other to where the design ends in points and maybe wraps around to my chest or down my back.

The Expert answers:

You draw them yourself. OR go to a tattoo artist and have him draw them. Tribal tattoos are the easiest to draw, especially for those with little artistic talent. So if you can picture what you want on Your head, just let all that out on the paper.

George asks…

Cross With Wings Tattoo For Men – Tribal Designs Symbolize?

The Expert answers:

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