Your Questions About Tattoos

Daniel asks…

I need online tattoo designer.?

with affordable fees

The Expert answers:

Tattoo Stylist is committed to providing you with the highest quality design. They say “Because your tattoo means a lot to us, our team of designers will work until you are satisfied”.

George asks…

Are there any professional Tattoo script designers online?

I’m talking pro. Maybe a free lance designer.

That could work with script like this…

The Expert answers:

Why not just go to a shop?

David asks…

Where can I find good tattoo designers online for decent pay?

Of course, I won’t expect them to do their services for free but I’m looking to collaborate with a talented artist to put my vision on paper, which I will use at a reputable parlor in town to get it done.

Paypal would be our best bet, or money orders. Anybody here or know a site?
Oh and the tatt I have in mind is more of a pacific islander tribal kind of tatt.
I’m not that serious about it, so I don’t want to walk in a parlor and have them do it and never return. BUT if I get a tattoo personalized for me, it may mean something more and will take time for me to go in and get it done…

The Expert answers:

You would be better off going to a shop and working with the tattoo artist you will be using. If you aren’t serious enough about getting the tattoo to go into a shop and talk to someone then you don’t really want one.

You can work with an artist online all you want but you could very well end up with a beautiful design that won’t translate to a tattoo at ALL. My husband is a tattoo artist and having hung out in the shop for years I cannot tell you how many times people would come in with something they drew and walk away dissapointed because the design they came up with wasn’t tattooable and needed to be altered in order to work. The only way to be sure you will end up with something that works is to have the artist who will be doing the tattoo do the drawing.

John asks…

tattoo designs!!!!!!!?

i want a small tattoo on my hip i want it to be aquarius themed because that is my star sign.
does anyone know a good free online tattoo designer ??

The Expert answers:

Go to google and type in online tattoo designer and you shoud be able to find something.

Btw if you didnt know it will cost you money to get a tattoo designed

Lisa asks…

professional tattoo artists online?

I am looking for professional tattoo artists/designers that can help me through the internet.. i can pay them if they want.. I live in Cyprus and i can’t find someone that good! I need someone that can combine tribal with regular shapes, letters and dates… This kind of thing…

i am looking someone to help me for about one hole year!!!!!!!

If you can help me please do… Thank you in advance… and please just state anything that could help!

The Expert answers:

LOL Cyprus?


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