Your Questions About Tattoos

Robert asks…

What are good tattoo ideas for men?

For girls, what tattoos do women like on guys?
i just turned 18, and i am gettinga tattoo on my arm of my moms name in hebrew, but i want to get a couple more.
any good ideas?
where do girls like tattoos on guys?

The Expert answers:

Anything that MEANS something. I hate seeing a guy with tattoo’s and upon asking what it’s for they give a blank stare and go “Oh, well… You know, I kinda liked it so I got it.” That’s clearly just a sign of being a follower. Choose something with meaning to you and you should be juuuust fine.

Mark asks…

small tattoo ideas for men?

ok i need a tattoo idea i want a small tattoo nothin stupid n im a guy so what would be a good tattoo to get

The Expert answers:

Where do you want it?
How small is small? A dot or the size of the palm of your hand?
I love Japanese tats on guys. Colourfull and traditional.

Take care you,Lulu x

Betty asks…

What are some good first tattoo ideas for a man?

Im a 19 year old looking to get a first tattoo, Im leaning towards some kind of tribal but im having trouble finding anything thats a bit different and uncommon,

The Expert answers:

Hey, try some temporary tattoos first, may be an airbrush tattoo or transfer tattoos, be with it for sometime and then venture into a permanent one. Try websites like or for ideas

Michael asks…

how much do you think a tattoo like this would cost?

i was looking up tattoo‘s and i found one i really like. i don’t know the name of it but follow the link and you’ll see it. i was just wondering how much (estimated) it might cost. the tattoo im looking at is under the second article titled “tattoo ideas for men” and it’s the one on his bicep.

The Expert answers:

1. Think of your own tattoo concept, there’s nothing worse than putting someone else’s ideas on your body forever. Sure you can incorporate ideas, but you don’t want to get the same piece like that damned Life/Death piece.

2. Most artists charge around $100/hr.

Thomas asks…

Tattoo ideas?

I really want to get a small tatoo (like the size of a golf or tennis ball) before starting 11th grade in September. I don’t really know what I wanna get though or where I wanna get it. I wanna get it somewhere that I can show it off, but also cover it up if the occassion calls for it. Any ideas? I also don’t know what I want the tatt to be of. Here are some things That mean stuff to me:
-Freedom-Ive battled depression, ocd, bullying, problems at home and low self-esteem
-Independance-I don’t need a man to take care of me (wolves rep independance to me)
-Individuality-I am a VERY unique and complex person.
Any ideas would help. Thanx!

The Expert answers:

The most beautiful characters when tattooed,are the Arabic,you can write:i am free and independent.on your shoulder in a rounded shape(or in any of thousand shapes of the Arabic calligraphy)it will be very special and I can help with it.

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