Your Questions About Tattoos

Nancy asks…

tattoo fonts?

i want a tattoo..but i need a certain font…is there any websites that have a wide variety of cool fonts

The Expert answers:

You can start here…if they don’t have what you’re looking for, search for “tattoo lettering”.


Steven asks…

Tattoo fonts….?

I am looking to get a new tattoo, but i’m looking for fonts, does anyone know a website where i can see free fonts?

The Expert answers: I would also ask your tattoo artist, he or she should have a collection of different styles for you to check out. Have fun, I love tattoos!!

Mandy asks…

Tattoo Fonts?

A friend of my just inquired if I could come up with an awesome Font style for a tattoo he wants.


can anyone make a badass font form of that word?

The Expert answers:

Maybe u can find something here to help u draw it up –

Betty asks…

Is there a website that has different tattoo fonts,and you type your words and it shows you what it looks like?

You know what im saying? like if you want a tattoo that says blah you can go to this website and type in blah and then there are different fonts that you can play with and figure out what font your blah would look best in!

The Expert answers:

Yes…these are some of the websites I found online…you can type the words and choose the font, then it will show you what it looks like…its free….


George asks…

What are some really nice curvy tattoo fonts?

Im thinking of getting a tattoo of my daughters name. She passed away 2 years ago. I wanted to get something kind of angelic or girly of some sort. If you have a tattoo like the one I want to get can you tell me which font your artist used. Thanks a bunch!

The Expert answers:

Check out the font used on the British currency, it’s beautiful.

The one the words ‘Bank of England’ are in on the front (bottom note):

You can pick up a 5 pound note at a currency exchange place to take to the artist.

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