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Michael asks…

matching tattoo ideas (sisters)?

was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a matching tattoo. or any ideas or quotes or anything at all that would be nice?
shes coming over for a week, i havnt seen her in a long time but we are really close and she wants us to get a matching tattoo.
it will be her first and it will be my 8th. so dont want anything big. im just struggling to think of anything we can get. coz we are completely different when it comes to likes and tastes and everything lol. so i need something she will like to.
eee help :)

The Expert answers:

I’m actually doing the same at the moment with my sister! It will be my 8th and her 1st too! Haha coincidences! We also havecompletely different styles

i’m not a big fan of flowers or chinese symbols… We’ve settled on tiny little sparrows (because my father has a sparrow tattoo) four to represent the members ion my family

do either of ur parents have tattoos?

Imost likely not but its a thought!

Tho the idea of two birds one representing u, and one representing her is still a good idea… But ultimately the most brilliant thing would be something that unites you two, somthing from ur childhood u bonded over, something that reminds u of a parent :)

Paul asks…

What are some good sister tattoo ideas?

I am planning on getting a small tattoo before I leave for college. Me and my sister wanted to get ones together. We already have some ideas but are still unsure. If anyone has any cute ideas for sisters that aren’t super corny and overused I could really use your advise!!

The Expert answers:

I just had it done last Friday. It only says her name and Sisters Forever.

Mark asks…

Tattoo Ideas for Sisters?

I need tattoo ideas bc my sister & I are planning on getting tattoos together & we want something that represents our bond & symbolic. Ideas?

The Expert answers:

Astrological symbol with the name in the center
Two adjoining banner designs with names of both kin separated by a heart
A family tree celebrating family members including your sister
A butterfly that depicts how your love has grown and flourished over the years
A star, signifying how a sister is always a bright light in your life
A birth month symbol or colors depicting your sister’s birthstone
A portrait of your sister
A vine design with symbols for family and love

A heart design is another tattoo symbol that can be used to celebrate a sister. If the sister is blood related, a set of two hearts can be entwined with both names of the kin. Another idea is a half heart; this design is a great idea for two sisters who want to celebrate their love and friendship with matching tattoos. Both recipients can wear a heart design and pay tribute to their other half.

Best of luck :)
Best answer or what <3

Ken asks…

Sister tattoo ideas (2 sisters)?

my sister and i are looking to get a tattoo together. Something to do with our hispanic background. any ideas or symbols for that?

The Expert answers:

Well……..i know some sisters who got like a bff heart tattooed on their backs(you know like how they are broken into halves) and both girls have their sisters names tattooed on their half.

David asks…

Matching tattoo ideas for sisters?

My sisters and I would like to get matching tattoos. We want something to symbolize sisters, friends, eternity, ect. Any suggestion or pictures? Thanks!

The Expert answers:

I would get a small star or heart on your inner wrists (Left for love) id have the heart shaded pink light to dark say on your arm and dark to light on your sisters arm….. Cute!

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