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Helen asks…

Anyone know any free fonts (100+) in a single downloadable file?

Anyone know any free fonts (100+) in a single download-able file? I am looking for some font’s for a tattoo and wanting to know what font/style I want it in.

The Expert answers:

I don’t know the answer to your question =but the guy below me is giving false information that can infect your computer.
Look read this.


his question was removed its not the guy below me now.

Laura asks…

What site has good free number fonts?

im looking for a site where i can put in a number and have it shown in different fonts. i wanna get my birth year 1987 as a tattoo

The Expert answers: –

Has a great many free, shareware, public domain fonts and allows you to preview the font within the site before downloading!


PS freefonts SUX It’s not really even a site, more of a Fake search engine listing. Go there and you’ll see what I mean. Dafont is the bomb!

Edit: Numeric symbols are available in most of the fonts available at – click on a font and utilize the preview feature to view the numeric symbols.

Daniel asks…

where can I find free, creative fonts online?

Im looking to get a new tattoo, so I will need something that will transfer well.

The Expert answers:


Nancy asks…


whats the best FREE website that shows alot of different tattoo fonts?

The Expert answers:


Mandy asks…

I need a website where i can design my own tattoo for FREE online?

Please only answer this if you have a website i can go to
with a lot of ideas and designs and fonts
don’t tell me to draw something myself
cuz i cant

thank you

The Expert answers:

Go to a shop and have a tattoo artist draw something up for you

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