Your Questions About Tattoos

Betty asks…

samoan polynesian tattoo design meanings?

im looking for only the tattoo designs and what the each mean so i get a good tattoo done. i just need a list of what they are and what they mean.

The Expert answers:

Almost impossible to find on the internet. The reason is because there’s no “list” of Polynesian symbols and what they mean. Polynesian tattoos are individual and representative of each person. Your best alternative is to find a tattoo artist that specializes in Polynesian tribal. Most tattoo shops that have websites will have biographies of their artists and what they specialize in, and a Polynesian specialist will be able to help you find something that would suit you and isn’t offensive at the same time.

Sandy asks…

maori tattoo designs and meanings…please help me get the perfect tattoo?

i want to get a maori tattoo all down my side & i really want it to mean something , I want my boyfriend or our love or something to represent it incorportaed into the tattoo but i cant find any site where it gives me the symbos, can someone help me please?

The Expert answers:

Yeah, I agree, do something for you, not for your boyfriend. As for the Maori designs, I have such issues with random people getting tribal tattoos that mean nothing to them. If you are not Maori, why steal their traditions? Their tattoos have such deep, cultural meaning to them, and when random white people get them because they are cool, I think it is insulting to the members of their community.

Charles asks…

does anyone know of any websites that have tattoo designs and maybe there meanings

The Expert answers:

I love

Search for “symbols”. The guide has done an article about symbols and their meanings. It’s really quite good and I refer to it often. I would give you the direct link, but it’s blocked on my computer.

In addition to the many articles available, there are galleries and forums. The forum is similar to yahoo answers, but it is mostly people who have tattoos or are artists. You will get very good, honest answers there, and not many people who answer with “eww, tattoos are dumb”

Mandy asks…

tattoo designs and ideas?

hi. im looking for websites that have lots of tattoo designs and meanings. But im mainly looking for websites with native american wolf tattoo designs. Can anyone suggest a few?

The Expert answers:

It’s hard to say which have the exact tattoos you are looking for. Most of the websites that have tattoo designs keep their content a secret. That said, most of the tattoo design websites featured here: have like 10,000 tattoos each, so I’m betting you can find what you are looking for. Otherwise, a good idea would be to find an image that is not a tattoo that matches what you are looking for and see if you can use image software (like photoshop) to try to turn it into a design that could easily be tattooed on your body. Hope that helps!

Chris asks…

Looking for tattoo meanings?

I’m looking for tattoo designs that signify change.

Long story short, I’ve lost a ton of weight, and feel like I’m really starting to get out there and live my life. I’ve always wanted a tattoo and I’m looking for something that stands for change or something along those lines.

The Expert answers:

Haha, you just lost a lot of weight and probably made yourself look better. Now you are going to go scar your skin with a bunch of crap. Just go be a fatass. Tattoos have no positive meanings.

*That’s the way to find a meaningful tattoo isn’t it Elizabeth? Google and look at how other people have branded themselves. Listen question girl, don’t scar your skin. I can’t say for sure but I’d bet there is a negative reason for you wanting this. Maybe societal pressure because tons of people get tattoos and pretend they mean something. They don’t. They show poor personality and a weakness of character. You might be kind of giddy just because you lost weight. Don’t screw up by branding yourself like a stupid cow.

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