Your Questions About Tattoos

Lisa asks…

First tattoo ideas (quotes only) kind of girly?

I’m getting my first tattoo. I only like “word tattoos”. I don’t like “picture tattoos” or colorful tattoos (on me I don’t think it would look all that great). So I need some great quotes or words for my first tattoo. Places to put them would help out a lot too.

(Maybe kind of girly, quotes on beauty or love or life possibly)

Thank you!!

The Expert answers:

Dance to your own beat ♪

maybe even writing on the music sheet bit and down on the top of your foot, it may look good down the rib cage but this is a painful tattoo for a first tattoo

Ken asks…

tattoo ideas, quotes ???? :)?

okay im only 15 but i know i am definately getting a tattoo or two when im 18.
i was thinking about a lions face on the bottom of my back but im not sure if that would look right so dunno about that…
im DEFINATELY getting a 7 pointed star just above my bikkini line…apparently it symbolises childhood or something similar ?
just wondering if that is true ?
or if its not is there a symbol with a similar meaning behind it? …
i also would like a tattoo at the top of my arm with a quote about life..
i was thinking..
‘you werent put on this world to be ordinary’
‘ in the end its not the years in your life, but the life in your years’
do you think they are good ?
i would really appreciate it if people give me ideas of different quotes i could have :)
so if you know of any good symbols and meanings…
or tattoo quotes that’ll be good

The Expert answers:

You can get like a big picture of a butter fly and then put it on your back, like a tramp stamp, it looks really good, or you can get like a rose and put it on your ankle, theres lots more, but its all up to you (:

Sandy asks…

Tattoo ideas: Quotes about being a free spirit?

I am a free spirit, and want a meaningful quote on my hipbone. Looking for ideas.
i said IDEAS, key-word, smartass.

The Expert answers:

“To stop dreaming is to give up hope. To stop hoping is to give up dreams”

“sometimes when you fall you fly”

:love is the movement”

“always find a reason to smile”

Love comes
to those who still hope
even though they’ve been disappointed,
to those who still believe
even though they’ve been betrayed,
to those who still love
even though they’ve been hurt before.

…””The three saddest things are the ill wanting to be well, the poor wanting to be rich, and the constant traveler saying ‘anywhere but here’.”
— E.E. Cummings ♥

there are a few! I don’t know if they are your style but i like them (:

William asks…

matching tattoo ideas,quotes or pics or sentence or something?

my husband and i would like to get some more tatts and on an episode of engaged and underage on mtv the the couple had tatts on the wrist that went together hers said “everyday for the ” and his said “rest of our lives”. we dont want that exactly so any ideas would be great, pictures, quotes, maybe a sentence like above im open to all suggestions except his name i already have that. please no tattoo haters i know lotsa pple will say not to do it but we are so dont waste your breathe. thanx all

The Expert answers:

I saw that episode and i loved the idea but i thought it would hurt to much, um try like somthing that brought u guys together like my fiance and i thought about jim bean bottles cuz we started dating on new years eve and we had jim bean so somthing like that, u dont want to get his name for 2 reasons one i’ve heard its bad luck and 2 if somthing happend and u 2 broke up that would make it worse having his name on u all the time!

Mark asks…

any tattoo ideas, or good quotes for a girl?

i want a tattoo but im very unsure of what to get. and i want some ideas.
i really like wings, and a lot of script tattoos. any good quotes? or ideas?
thanks (:

The Expert answers:

“live,laugh,love.” simple, but well, it’s one of my favourite quote. :) wings are also cute, i want one like nicole richie’s haha. Well good luck! And be creative! :)

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