Your Questions About Tattoos

Susan asks…

anyone no any cool cursive tattoo fonts?

its only goin to be one word so i wanted it to be a good font

The Expert answers:

Sandy asks…

Whats a good cursive tattoo font?

I’m getting a tattoo across my forearm saying Love Conquers All in latin, I want the font for the tattoo to be in cursive but their are many different type of cursive font, Which cursive font should I use?

The Expert answers:

Have a look at all the different fonts on the internet that you can, write your tattoo so you can see what it looks like and then take some of the samples with you to the tattooist, explain to them what you want and what you like about each font and then they should be able to suggest a font for you, maybe taking the bits that you like from all the fonts and blending them together to make it more unique. Remember that lower case and upper case fonts will look different so try all variables.

John asks…

Where can i get some good cursive fonts for tattoo’s?

I don’t care about your opinion or what you think, im just looking for some good cursive font
Next to my ankle im getting love other foot life
but im getting it in cursive
is there a site where i can see fonts like this for example!

You might need to copy and paste

The Expert answers:

Just use Microsoft Word and experiment with the different fonts.

Charles asks…

What’s the best cursive font for my tattoo?

OH! and… how much do you think this tattoo will cost me?
– my tattoo is gonna say, “Hello Kitty”
– location: on my UPPER back, along with hello kitty’s head before the “Hello Kitty” and a little heart at the end.

sooo basically i got 3 questions:

what do YOU think?
what’s the best cursive font?
AND how big should this tattoo be?

thanks xoxo

The Expert answers:

Are you going to be happy with tattoo FOREVER????? Waht are you going to say when your kids want to get a silly cartoon character tattooed on them?? What about on your wedding day…you will look gorgeous from head to toe…meeting new people, enjoying time with friends and family, but as you walk down the aisle everyone gets to see HELLO KITTY with a pic under it…lol are you SURE this is what you want???
If you really just want a cute lil hello kitty head, get it on your hip..something you can look back at and think, ahh to be young. But not on your back..and why in the world do you need it to say Hello Kitty???
I hope you think long and hard before you get this tattoo.

Lizzie asks…

Does anyone know where to find cool cursive fonts or the genesis part of the bible for a tattoo??!!?

Hi. My name is genesis, yes like in the bible. I am getting a tattoo soon. Im getting my sons name and i want to find a really cool cursive font to do the first letter of his name. I also want to find a cool G to maybe put on the back of my neck. I really like the real fancy, curly design i guess you could call it. I also want to find a bible verse from genesis. I am not getting all those tattoos so no one freak out haha. I am just trying to decide what really sticks to me cuz its my first tattoo and im going to be stuck with it forever! plzz help thanks!!!

The Expert answers:

If you go to tattoo shops in your area they’ll most likely have drawings of different fonts or if they don’t you can ask them and they’ll draw you up something. Hope i helped! :)

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