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David asks…

Any tattoo font ideas?

I want to get “All Good Things…” tattooed on my inner upper arm, but I am having trouble deciding the font, like whether or not it should be in script or whatever. Opinions please!

The Expert answers:

Keep it Gangster with Old English Font

Michael asks…

idea for tattoo need font ideas?

this is the tattoo i want probably on my side.
dance like no one is watching,love like you’ll never be hurt,sing like no one is listening,and live like it’s heaven on earth.
need some font ideas!! got any!!

The Expert answers:

Sharon asks…

A couple tattoo font ideas?

Ive been looking into getting my first tattoo for months now, and finally decided on which one was goin to be my first. I found a ton i liked but for the first one i decided to go with my last name across the back of my should blades. The traditional old-english looks good, but i was wondering what other font for guys looks cool? I dont like the techo-computer looking stuff.. or the boring font on all computers (like this) that you type papers with. I once found a font where all the letters was kind of sharp-lightening bolt looking.. i cant really explain it any better then that. Ive searched on here and just sorta found website.. and looked at websites myself.

So i ask you all.. do you have any examples? I mean like could you tell me waht the name of the font it is or possibly what website i could find it on? I know most of the websites, and would rather not look through the thousands of fonts lol.. just would like the names of a few cool ones.. thanks!

The Expert answers:

A tattoo artist would be the best person to discuss this with. They know best which fonts come out nice and which don’t.

Edit: But if you really want a lightning font, a quick google search brought up this site: It seems to have a whole bunch of different ones, so maybe you’ll find what you want there! If not, your artist would more than likely be able to make it up himself.

Sandy asks…

how much would this tattoo hurt? any font ideas?

i want to get the word BLESSED tattooed going vertically down the left side of my body (the link is jus an example to help you understand where i want it)…

would this hurt more than the tattoo i have on my right shoulder blade?

and does anyone have ideas on what font i should use?

The Expert answers:

Everyone has different pain tolerances.

Having over 80+ hours of tattoos [half of neck, both hands, thighs etc…] I can say that….

….areas with less skin and fat over bone, have a tendency to vibrate or feel like they vibrate more

…..areas with ‘baby’ skin (inside of elbow, skin near clavicle, under the knee, armpit) have a tendency to feel more like a razor cut.

It also depends on your artist.

He/she may have a heavy hand and so they either rub more and dig deeper.

They may have a light hand, and as such you feel less.

Donald asks…

Font Ideas for my tattoo of my son’s initals?

I want to get my son’s initals either somewhere on my body that I can cover easily not sure where..and I am not sure what kind of font I should use for it..any body of any ideas at all for my tattoo? his initals are JNT

The Expert answers:


This Website has thousands of lettering’re bound to find something you like

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