Your Questions About Tattoos

Maria asks…

really nice tattoo ideas?

im a girl and want good tattoo ideas. I don’t like all of that cheesy stuff and i don’t like horrible pictures and things. I am very fussy and my friend has one on her foot i like that is like a vine of flowers with a butterfly in it. But i want something original for me, and would like it on my hip around my 2 microdermal piercings. Preferably colourful so if you have any good websites or ideas? I seen a picture of one that said ‘amour’ in capital letters with like flowers around it, its on a mans arm but if i had it on my hip would it be nice?,r:0,s:0&tx=52&ty=65

The Expert answers:

Get “SHEEP” tattooed somewhere prominent. Look, this is something that is going to be on your body forever. If you are not getting something that holds a deep meaning for you, which means that random strangers on the internet can not suggest what you should get, why are you getting one.

Oh yeah, because your friend has one. Sheep!

Steven asks…

Is it gay if a man gets a tattoo of another man?

My friend is getting a tattoo of a muscular warrior that he likes. I am not a fan of tattoo‘s in the first place, but for a man to be getting a tattoo of a half naked man on his arm just seems like a sign that he is rooting for the other team. My friend is not gay so I feel like he is going to regret getting the tattoo. Idk, maybe I just am against the idea of tattoos all together.

The Expert answers:

Thaaaaaaats a little gay

Michael asks…

can someone help me find good star tattoos for men?

im thinking about getting a tattoo, and i want my first tattoo to be some sort of star or stars on the inside of my arm. any ideas?

The Expert answers:

My bf’s brother got two nautical stars on the inside of his forearms. They look wicked cool and apparently they have a really good meaning to them. Something about finding your way home. Anyway, they look good and not girly at all. Hope this helps.

Charles asks…

i need HELP and ideas for a ww2 tattoo!?

my grandfather recently passed away, and I’ve always held a huge amount of respect for our boys who fought and died for us all in WW2.

i want to get a tattoo, preferably on my upper arm, to honor and remember those brave men and women who served america and her allies.
ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.

The Expert answers:

I just browsed google and found a site called If u type in world war 2 tattoos, this is what comes up.

Joseph asks…

Placement ideas for this tattoo?

I want this man and woman tattooed on me:
three cheers for sweet revenge
but I don’t know where.
My first thought would be to put one on the inside of each forearm, but the thing is I’ll hopefully get a sleeve on my left arm someday and that would take away from whichever character is on that arm. I thought I could get them both on the inside of ONE forearm, but would that look strange?

Any other ideas? I want it somewhere relatively visible, but it can still be covered up with the right clothing.

**And this is NOT a question about whether you like the tattoo or not. I like it. I just want to know WHERE to put it.

The Expert answers:

Honestly, I like the idea of keeping them together if you’re going to get a sleeve. Maybe, Put one on the inside, and one on the outside. Then they’re together for the whole piece, but separate for a different effect.

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