Your Questions About Tattoos

Steven asks…

Tattoo ideas?

I’m 26 years old and I’ve wanted a tattoo for years. The only reason I haven’t had one done yet is because I can’t decide where and what I want.

I don’t want to just pick something random. Here is a list of the things I love and have thought about using somehow in a tattoo:

Four-leaf clovers
The Beatles

Those are pretty much my favorite things (obsessions) in life. What I would like from you:

Any ideas of how I could make any of those things into a cute (little) tattoo? I would like to use more than one color. Pictures would be super helpful.

Also, where should I get that tattoo? I’m working out and trying to loose weight…so I don’t want to put it somewhere that is going to look all weird when Iose weight. I’d PREFER it to be on my foot somewhere (not the ankle) so maybe something that would look good there?


The Expert answers:

Okay, I sped read through your questions and this is first image I got.

A book, cover side laying down, with flowers (tulips and clovers and whatever you want) growing from it, with dragonflies circling above.

Like it’s coming out of the pages of the book. You could do that on the top of your foot perhaps…

George asks…

tattoo ideas?

i really want a tattoo low on my hip and i was planning to have a star outline but now i feel it’s too common. any ideas? i like the sound of a letter from another alphabet but im not sure of which…

The Expert answers:

Skip the tattoo, get henna…..
That way if you pick something REDICULOUS, its not permanent….

Later on…when you have a really good idea…(It will come to you)you wont have to come on a website to ask anyone what you should get….THEN think about getting it done permanently…until then…..henna..for sure…or one of those temp tattoos.

Thomas asks…

Tattoo Ideas?

I know it’s kinda early for me to be thinking of this but, what kind of tattoo ideas do you have in mind? I was tthinking of a snake, pit, tiger, or something showing inner beauty

The Expert answers:

It should be of you wont. Not what people online want. Your 14, your mind will change. Draw out ideas or print them out hang them around your room. If you start to get bored of it, then take it down. You have time to think about.

Lisa asks…


hey i want a tattoo and im a twin.. i want something to represent that and i would like some ideas…. im stuck

The Expert answers:

As for the twin thing, I’d stay away from a gemini theme. It’s really cliche and there is a connection to astrology which should be avoided unless that’s something important to you as well. Anything you like could be turned into a twin theme. Like flowers? Two of your favorite flowers maybe growing from one stem. Like science? Some sort of representation of identical strands of DNA. Into archaeology? A sun dial with two shadows that show the times of your birth and your twin’s. Fraternal twins? Maybe a his and her portrait that is half and half or one portrait looking in a mirror and seeing the other face.

Get something that relates to you in a way that is personally meaningful. If you’ve recently developed a taste for something like snorkeling for example then you probably shouldn’t use it as your motivation. If you’ve loved the ocean since you were a little girl and just graduated with a degree in marine biology then the odds are that it will have more meaning for you later in life.

Know the many meanings behind anything you get. An obvious bad example would be the swastika which predates Hitler and has ties to buddhism as well as other things, but probably isn’t the best thing for a buddhist to get. Especially if your twin is Jewish.

If you have an attitude now that you don’t care what anyone thinks and you don’t want a job anywhere that would have a problem with your tattoo then remember that you may care one day when you can’t get the job you want as a news anchor because you have “killer #1 of 2” tattooed on your face. I know of a church leader in the south that has to wear long sleeves in triple digit weather because he has vulgar tattoos that he thought were cool when he got them.

All that said, I don’t want to discourage you from getting one. I think Kat Von D is hot with all of her tattoos and I still think my wife is hot without any. If you want a tattoo then that’s great, but don’t rush in your design choice just to get one sooner than later. Good luck.

Mark asks…

TATTOO IDEAS?????????????????????

im 15 going a tattoo in 2 weeks need some ideas i want a big one on my right arm any ideas will be good

The Expert answers:

The best tattoo idea I have for a 15 year old is not to get a “big one” on your right arm! Everything will change for you, for the worse, after you get that first tattoo. The true cost of a tattoo is a lifetime of regret. There is an 80% chance you will regret it in your lifetime. Many people will look at you with disgust, for tattoos are offensive to many, many people. Your chances of getting a good job will be greatly diminished—most companies will not hire you since your tattoo will be seen as offensive to other workers. There is nothing good about a tattoo. A tattoo is little better than a cartoon—you can’t get a good quality drawing on the human skin. Tattoos are an urban blight. They are ugly, like graffiti. Like graffiti, they lower the quality of the environment. Tattoos lower the quality of life, for everyone who has to see their ugliness. The whole concept of tattooing is wrong, the way these hideous cartoons are inked into the flesh of people through bloodletting and pain; if they are “art” as claimed, they are surely a dark and evil art. Tattoos are closely linked to other forms of self harm, like cutting, piercing, drug use, etc.; they are hand-in-glove with these destructive behaviors. . Young people are fooled into wanting tattoos by degenerate Hollywood and the media. Kids think tattoos are cool and cutting edge, but over time, they wind up hating their tattoos. Far worse, they wind up hating themselves. Parents and older people are so afraid of being disliked that they say nothing against tattoos, even though they know better. Worse, some completely abandon their responsibility to provide sound guidance and even encourage the young ones to get tattooed. As far as tattoos being “art”, that is foolish garbage. A tattoo is NOT “a work of art”. The human body is not a canvas and the abusers and mutilators who desecrate it are not artists. Most of their so called “art” is little better than comic book drawings. More and more young people are buying into this Hollywood lie that tattoos are a cutting edge way to “express” yourself. But that is so not true. You should express yourself with your words and actions, not by inking graffiti onto your living flesh. Do not listen to the many predators and enablers here, who encourage young people to abandon decency and live self indulgent and destructive lives. Young people—do not get tattooed. Stay in school, do your best there, avoid drinking, drugs, tattoos and piercings, and avoid those who have them. Go to college, study science, mathematics, or business, and avoid liberal arts (unless you are wealthy and don’t need to make a living). God bless you in your life.

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