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Paul asks…

How do you write Beautiful Soul in Japanese?

I want to get a tattoo written in Japanese(kanji) saying Beautiful Soul. I wanna make sure i get the correct word :) Does anyone know a site i could go on?

The Expert answers:

I’m Japanese. Actually we don’t have one compound word of “beautiful soul” with only Kanji. But as you know, can put two Kanji to express it as like we also do when express something like artistically.

Then, for your “beautiful soul”, I think it should be 美魂, or that’s the best anyway.
美 = beautiful, 魂 = soul, spirit, mind

霊 is used for only very serious real death, ghost, haunted,or to be possessed, so then it is not used generally, except cemetery,funeral or horror books or movies. Also the people would get feeling kind of eerie, ominous, horror or scare even just glance this Kanji 霊, just as like I’m already feeling eerie…really..

Anyway , please don’t put 霊 on your body.

Thomas asks…

Where can I find really nice arabic calligraphy online?

I’m an arabic student and I want to get the word beautiful جميلة as a tattoo. But that script is a simple script that I can write myself. I’m looking for something fancier and more intricate maybe in a shape. Does anyone know of a calligrapher who would do this online or one in the philadelphia area?

The Expert answers:

This website will really help. I was looking for an ambigram tattoo and this really helped. Don’t trust anything else.


Sharon asks…

Could anyone write the Arabic word for love?

Me and my boyfriend are wanting to get a matching tattoo, but we don’t want to write each others names on ourselves. I think Arabic writing looks beautiful and I would really like to have the word love tattooed. Could anyone help please? Hopefully some fluent Arabic writers could help so that I get the actual translation not something that doesnt mean anything xxx

The Expert answers:

Pronounced hoob, extra emphasis on the h: حب

Maria asks…

Beautiful words……………?

Hi I want to get a tattoo and I either want a word a saying or a small image.
So far I like:
Life is beautiful or la vie est belle
Count every beautiful thing
Saudade, the love that remains or longing, hope, fatality, nostalgia, yearning, missing, fondness, endearment, loneliness, feeling, emotion some of the words thats it means
I like an arrow on my left side (where you heart is) but on the side of your ribs

Have you got any ideas, I want it in memory of my dad so any sayings or i want it to be like although bad things happen always look for something good.
I know a tattoos personal but its more for inspiration
thanks :)

The Expert answers:

How about something like:

This too shall pass.

Write troubles in sand and blessings in stone.

Without struggle there is no progress.

Let your past make you better not bitter.

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. (Anne Frank said that)

Vestigia (a trace, mark, or sign of something that once existed but has passed away or disappeared) With that arrow you like.

Or with that arrow simply put, “Always” within it.

Helen asks…

how many times jigsaw word is mentioned in this wall?

God created a set number of angels 30 billion?; 1/3 of all angels rebelled 10 billion?God turned the rebels into spiritual darkness (demons) and expelled them from heaven. there was a void in heaven of 10 billion open seats.God decided to create humans to replace the demons. God said that He will let demons trick people into following them, but when 10 billion seats in heaven are filled, God will send demons and those who follow demons to hell. demons dress in fake human skin and fly in ufo ships;pretend to be angels of light, ghosts, pagan gods, greys, ouija board movers.jigsaw from saw movie is not only gay but he’s antichrist. when people will look at jigsaw, they will see many angels surrounding jigsaw, but in reality those are demons. the main demon is black with red eyes. antichrist is white with red eyes. if anyone worships jigsaw, they’ll go to hell 100%. also, soon the world government will be giving mandatory small grey world passport. when people stretch their hands to receive the small grey world passport, a small green electronic tattoo with sixes will be given by lasers. if anyone receives this tattoo, they’ll go to hell 100%. people who kill themselves wind up in hell 100%. also, people who blaspheme the Holy Spirit, go to hell as well. God is one but decides to reveal Himself to the world in three distinct persons: as God the Father, as God the Son (Jesus Christ), and as God the Holy Spirit. now, let’s switch to the ufo bases that the demons built. they are located on the moon, in lake baikal, underneath mariana trench (atlantis is here), and inside a fake mountain in tibet (buddhists consider this mountain holy, but as was mentioned, pagan gods are demons). there was also a time when 200 angels told God that they would fare better than humans if they had human bodies (angels and demons don’t have bodies – they’re just spirits). God told them that He could give them human bodies but if they mess up, He’ll punish them severely. these 200 spirits agreed to take this deal. what happened was that when these 200 angels (aka anunaki in pagan beliefs) descended on a mountain in middle east, they saw beautiful female descendents of cain, and took them wives for themselves. these 200 anunaki had giants as kids. giants built the pyramids and other colossal monuments around the world. anunaki taught witchcraft, astrology, blood drinking, human sacrifice, abortion, art of war, etc. God became angry and punished the world for following anunaki. anunaki were imprisoned underneath a desert in middle east. 300 thousand giants and 700 thousand people who followed anunaki and other demons were drowned in world flood. only 8 people were saved in the flood. me and u are descendents of these 8 (noah with his wife, and their three sons with three daughters-in-law) who survived in an ark-ship. animals that knelt before noah went into the ark with noah. animals that didn’t kneel were drowned. a bit later, nimrod (world leader) and his wife semiramis (she was in charge of a brothel) created a one state pagan religion (sun-moon-bull-sex worship). nimrod was also in charge of building the tower of babel. this tower was built by masons who wanted to reach heaven and fight God and establish pagan religion in heaven. this was silly, to say the least. God burned the top third of this tower, sank the bottom third inside the earth, and changed the original language into 70 different languages. so, one third of builders killed each other because of misunderstanding, one third ran away, and one third were cursed to become apemen and elephantmen. silly atheists claim that we come from apes when in reality apemen were cursed masons. hindu religion has an elephantman deity. this is absurd. let’s get to something even weirder. 80 foot dinosaurs live beneath the earth. they will soon come out through lakes and sinkholes. this is a punishment for spreading ideas of evolution. major climate change will follow. there won’t be any clean water left. world government will hide food on purpose too. stores with food will be set up to laser people with the above-mentioned evil tattoo. it’s better to die from hunger than receive this tattoo. now, let’s go to the main message of christianity. God incarnated (took on human body) to die for our sins so that we can go to heaven. now why was this necessary? well, remember the 10 billion seats from before? yep, they’re all empty because everyone went to hell. there were only 2 people that went to heaven (enoch and elijah). so, God didn’t want all people to burn in hell, so He provided a cure for this – He died on the cross for our sins and went to hell to pick “believers in Him during their lives on earth” to take them to heaven. now most people go to hell too, but christians don’t. why? because God said that if you believe in what He did for you on the cross, and feel sorry for your sins, and stop sinning, you’ll go to hea

The Expert answers:

666 times

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