Your Questions About Tattoos

John asks…

Tattoo Placement HELP!!?

I want to get a latin phrase tattooed and was wondering where it would look the best. I just want simple, elegant lettering, no fillagry or anything. I was thinking up the side of my abdomen. Any suggestions? Im pretty tolerant of pain, but want a spot that can be covered the majority of the time, due to my job. Anything but the lower back.

The Expert answers:

If I were you, I would definitely go for a gentle curved writing on the upper back, not too far below the neck. Aesthetically, I think this could be much more pleasing, and if you did want to show it off at some point outside of work, it would be quite possible. Vale!

Betty asks…

I’m designing my tattoo but I can’t finish until I figure out the placement. Any ideas?

I’m planning to get the phrases “Love as thou wilt” and “All knowledge is worth having” tattooed in french with a rose before the first phrase and a sun at the end of the last phrase.

As stated, any ideas on placement? I don’t want on arms and legs if that helps any. Lol

The Expert answers:

Picturing what i think your tattoo would look like, i think it would look good on your lower back or back of the neck, or maybe on your shoulder, in small print and it going down verticly and then the next phrase beside it also going down verticly.

Hope i helped : ]

Sandy asks…

Tattoo Placement?

I want a tattoo of a blue phoenix. Under neath i wanted a latin phrase. The phoenix will prob take a few sitting, seeing as how i want it in full color and very intricate. But being my first tattoo, i want to get the phrase first, and the phoenix later. And i need a spot on my body that can be covered the majority of the time. Though i wanted the two together before, i dont mind if the phrase and the phoenix are seperat. I was thinking about between my shoulder blades for the phoenix and the letters either up or around my side. Any suggestions on the placement? Esp. places that lettering looks attractive.

The Expert answers:

This is a suggestion. I was in the same predicament because of my job and wanted a place for my tattoo that wouldn’t offend anyone but wanted it to be seen when I wasn’t working so I opted for my shoulder toward the back. It’s covered when I wear short sleeves but exposed when I wear a tank top. (It’s a crescent moon with stars, pretty colors although it’s sort of fading after 20 years).

Sharon asks…

Need Help with Tattoo Placement?

This would be my first Tattoo and was wondering where a good place for it would be. The Tattoo I want is the word phrase “veritas aequitas”.
veritas aequitas means Truth Justice and it is on the movie Boondock Saints. I just believe they are powerful words and people should stay true to them.

The Expert answers:

I LOVE that movie!!

What if you got “veritas” down the back of your left arm, and “aequitas” down the back of your right arm?

As in, if you were standing in front of me in line at McDonald’s, and you had on a short-sleeved shirt, I would see the bottoms of the words going vertically on the backs of your arms above your elbows.

Robert asks…

Tattoo placement ideas?

I’m getting a new tattoo soon, and need to decide on a placement. I’m gonna give vague details, so I’ll simply say that it is a short latin phrase. I’m thinking of getting a fancy font with a bit of pin-striping around it. The back isn’t an option as I’ve got a large one on my right shoulder blade already. I was thinking maybe the inside of my left fore arm, but am looking for other possibilities.

The Expert answers:

I just got “Sapere Aude” on the inside of my left forearm.

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