Your Questions About Tattoos

Lisa asks…

If you had to label me, what word would you use?

Okay, I know labeling is bad and I am very aware that I am just my own unique person. But I’m just curious, so don’t take this question too seriously. Plus, since I dress so strange, a lot of my classmates often ask me stupid questions like “are you goth?” and I hate giving them a one word answer…but no one really wants to sit through my explanation.
So, to start off, I’m 16 years old and female. I usually don’t wear makeup and when i do it’s just mascara, maybe a little bit of eyeliner, and lipstick or temporary tip tattoos. I’m very pale and when I paint my nails it’s usually black or purple, but sometimes i’ll use glow-in-the-dark colors. My wardrobe consists of a lot of military and victorian inspired clothing, I usually carry my stuff in a fanny pack, and the accessories I usually wear are gloves, goggles, chokers, necklaces, cuffs, chains, watches (pocket watches, watches on rings, I even have a top hat with a clock on it), lots of bracelets, and rings. I also wear dread falls occasionally if you consider that an accessory. I wear bondage pants, obnoxious tights, a variety of skirts (sometimes tutu’s, sometimes skirts that go past my knees) but sometimes plain jeans, and also skinny jeans with designs on them.
As for lifestyle, I sit at home a lot. I usually only get out of my house three times a week not counting school and I’m not ashamed of that and it’s not because I’m lazy either. I’m pretty good with computers and like video games. I watch a lot of anime and read some manga. I also enjoy writing my own stories and designing manga characters of my own. I draw my characters myself and I think I’m a pretty good artist. Every once in a while I like to make weird crafts. I mostly make decor for my room and decorate my clothes. My friends are all Otaku and my best friend is a self proclaimed “cyberpunk”. I view most of my other friends as mild steampunk or scene. I also have a few preppy friends, too and it doesn’t bother me that they aren’t “dark” like me but sometimes I think it bothers them that I am.
Anyways…I listen to a big variety of genres. Really, the only music I absolutely can’t stand is rap. If I had to pick a favorite genre it would have to be symphonic metal – bands like Nightwish and Within Temptation. As far as other media goes, I’m not big into watching TV or movies, but I do enjoy myths. And I mean ORIGINAL myths, not that butchered, modern stuff. I don’t read much though, but when I do I love fantasy, sci-fi, and some historical.
So, now that I’ve written a lot…what do you think I am? If you had to pick one subculture (steampunk, cyberpunk or cybergoth, scene, goth, or something else?) thanks

The Expert answers:

I would say you are kind of a mix of steampunk and goth. Also, you sound like a really awesome person.

John asks…

How can she cover up a tattoo for a wedding

My future sis-in-law has a hideous tattoo (that’s her word to describe it, not mine, I think it’s pretty cool) about half-way between her elbow and shoulder bone going almost all the way up to her shoulder. Her wedding gown is strapless ans we’re trying to find a way to cover it up without long gloves or a jacket. Tried makeup, but we could still see it. Besides, if she sweats at all it could just run off. Anyone have any ideas?

The Expert answers:

I would contact a makeup store like M.A.C. Or even a Physician’s Formula counter at a local department store. There are heavy-duty, waterproof coverup/concealers (like Dermablend) that people with really bad scarring use and I’m sure they could help you locate a great one, and more than likely would apply it first to see if it works before you bought it, so it wouldn’t cost anything if it didn’t work. Good Luck!

Ruth asks…

what kind of tattoo should i get? i want it to represent..?

I want my tattoo to represent the struggles ive been through.
It can be a word, phrase, picture, pretty much anything you have in mind.
Anything that relates to depression, suicide and cutting.

I’m a girl, and i wanted to get something for my 18th birthday.
im thinking of getting it on my back by the shoulder.

The Expert answers:

Get a tattoo of a dark cloud on a sunny day

Betty asks…

PLEASE… Can you write a name pretty for me? I need a design FAST!!!?

Any ARTISTS Out There… I need HELP!!!?
Can someone write the name CRYSTAL in pretty lettering… I am getting it tattooed on my back this afternoon..I got part of my tattoo done 2 weeks ago, and what we were doing was doing a rainbow, and leaving the name in the negative… but the colors wouldnt work, and so we are filling it and and somehow we are going to put it near or around what I have… I can e-mail you a picture, ir you have and ideas or anything, we were trying to make it not obvious…

I have tried playing with word etc. over and over, and I dont like any of it… I was thinking about putting her name in stars near it, or on a bird, or under it, or just over it, and I dont kow what I want

I am getting some ideas together and so is my artist, but I want to have different things to choose from… thanks

He has a lot of ideas, but I want to really make sure it is what I want, not just something there..THANKS

The Expert answers:

Yeah i’m sure i could come up with something you would LOVE! But not by this afternoon sorry!

But on a real human to human level you should really think about what you are getting on y our body before you put it on you make sure you ask and really be objective if you will like what your getting on yourself!
You seem like your doing this just to do it! That’s cool but in 20 years are you going to feel the same!
I have 2 tats! I love them to peices!
I have 1 home made tat wanted to see if it hurt and if i could do it! Well it’s still on my hip and it looks like crap. Now i’m trying to find something to cover it up in a sweet me way… I tell you it has not surfaced i have to figure in if i have a baby what will it look like and other factors so i really think you should sit down and figure out how you want it to look like! Not just go in wanting one!
But i will say get one they are sweet!

Ken asks…

do you confront a person when their tattoo is inaccurate?

like sparrow and swallow tattoos mean 2 different things
sparrows mean freedom
and swallows mean loyalty as well as a safe return home
both very different birds, a friend was like
“look at my sparrow tattoo” and it was a swallow, and it said
“freedom” under it, so its defiantly meant to be a sparrow, should i tell her?

i also met a girl who found out after she got a tattoo her “love” in Japanese, meant nothing at all, it wasn’t even a real word ( she was confronted by someone about it) and she said shes happier knowing its wrong, cause now she can get it fixed

do u think its ok to tell someone thats not right or thats spelled wrong in such and such language…. its a pretty tattoo, but its just not the right thing
should i tell her?
im just asking dont make me look like an ass
if i wanted something and was given something else id be pretty upset, and want to know
im obviously asking how other ppl feel so i havent said anything yet
at least if she knows its not a sparrow she can say look at my swallow tattoo
i like to hear the truth from ppl personally
i asked cause i know not everyone does
i wont say anything then

The Expert answers:

Well, I personally wouldn’t corrrect people. I’ve had someone attempt to correct one of my tattoos. They explained that the kanji I have on my wrist doesn’t actually mean anything. I smiled politely, and explained to them that it is, in fact, not kanji, but is a band logo, and is a stylized GH. They felt like an idiot after that, I’m sure. So while you think you might be doing them a favor, you might just be making yourself look dumb. Now, if they ask you, and you’re sure that you know the truth, you are definitely obligated to inform them of that, and a simple “Yeah, that is actually _____, and it means _____.” will do, but unless they ask, I’d tell you just to let it be.

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