Your Questions About Tattoos

George asks…


how do you get a black/grey value scale in tattoos?
is it mixing black and white or wut?

The Expert answers:

You can do that, although i dont think that will come out as well.
Most tattoo artists when wanting to make different shades of grey just dilute the black ink with water. That gives the appearance of shading (the lighter the color gets, the less noticible and so forth). If you mix white with it there is a chance the color wont stay as well over time, and also it will be much brighter looking and not realistic.
I have many friends who are tattoo artists and they all just dilute the black to make the different shades.


Nancy asks…


Does anyone know a site that show pictures of changes of a person’s tattoos as years pass?

Because I’m planning to do a project related to tattoos and I wanted to show the public how would tattoos look like on a person’s skin after a couple of years.

Hope you guys can help me! Thanks :)

The Expert answers:

Check with Discovery channel, they did a storyline on tattos and artists from the 1930’s to 2000. Their pictures showed the different types of tattos and how it’s art form has changed but it also showed the people from all different backgrounds and nations, giving ages and showing how the art ages with the person. Like a sagging canvas…some get pretty distorted.

Laura asks…


Im having an addiction to tattoos..

my questions.

1. if you could get a quote tattooed on you what would it be?!
2. What kinda tattoo do you wanna get?!
3. Can you look up a tattoo that you really like?! and put it in here.
4. what is your dream tattoo?!

thts all..

im just bored and was just asking.

thank you (: :)

The Expert answers:

1. La vie en rose… Its a quote from a french song by edith piaf, a song my dad would play for me when i was a child. Very nice song.

2. Tons, a quote on my foot, something big on my ribs, my brothers name, the list goes on



Susan asks…


list some cool ideas

not cliche tattoos!

omgsh please help : )
just asking for ideas and help cuz im going blank..all i can think of is irish tattoos (im irish) but i was wondering if ppl had ideas other than a culture tattoo.

sooo plz list ideas not cmnts saying dont get 1 or its ur decision..
jst ideas i need sum help..

thanks tho!
: )

The Expert answers:

Hi, i just wanted to state that in my opinion, the furthest away from cliche, tattoo idea, would be one that you have created based on your lifestyle, body and taste.
Tattoo’s are very much used as a form of expressing ones self, if your decision is influenced by strangers inputs of what would be appropriate for you, then that originality has been lost.
Which in the end, is the most cliche you can get. :)

I hope this helped and i wish you good luck on your ideas.

Sandra asks…


should i get a tattoo i no a bunch of people that regreted getting them but i would get (if i got one) a very small design rite on the top inside of the leg u no likewhere it indents from ur body to ur leg and it wouldnt bigger than 1 in both ways i no the question i confuseing but i hope u can make it out … if u have gotten one please tell me how old u were when u got it and how old u are now and if u regret it
and if ur a guy do u find it attractive
lower than here … but its a general idea
lower than here … but its a general idea

The Expert answers:

You only regret it if it didn’t mean anything to you. I got my first one at 20. It’s right above my foot and it says “La Bella Vita”. It means a beautiful life. A couple months later I got 1 on each wrist. Chinese symbols 1 means Faith; the other means Strength. They mean something to me so I don’t regret them.

As for your tattoo thats a good place it may hurt a little more but I’m sure you would be happy with them.

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