Your Questions About Tattoos

Daniel asks…

What do you think…?

About this tattoo idea I have?

It’s a small one in cursive font on my wrist. It would say “Leb’ Die Sekunde” which is “Live Every Second” in German.

It has profound meaning to me, so I just thought I’d throw it out here to get some views on it, and maybe some new ideas for it! ^_^
By the way, I already have a tattoo on my hip, so I’m confident I can deal with the pain.

And I’m set on this tattoo, so before anyone says “You shouldn’t get it if you have to ask!!” I’m just seeing what people think about it! (:

The Expert answers:

Hell yea u should get it!

I really want to have the Tokio Hotel symbol on my wrist, but that’s out of the question with my mom.

Would you have by the length or width of the wrist?
I think having it by the width would look better, since it would be small.
And you should have it look kinda like Bills except like a miniature version.


Mary asks…

Strawberry Tattoo + wordings…any opinions/pics/advice?

My father passed away suddenly 2 weeks ago. I had been inkling to get another tattoo (my first was on the back of the neck)…and the location of my 2nd tattoo would be near my ribs/breast height, but more towards my back (sort of underarm…if i close my arm it will be right behind it) Is there a name for this location?

I would like a simple, perhaps cursive font for Dad. In front of Dad i would like a strawberry..perhaps more ‘cartoony’ than a realistic strawberry. i dont want it to to be big…but i dont want to lose any detail if it is too small.

Any recommendations of strawberries (pics) and the name/font which you think might be suitable.

Thank you.
i like the idea of combining a strawberry/heart

The Expert answers:

You might like some of these, they’re more cartoonist

Joseph asks…

Should i get this tattoo?

My idea tattoo quotes Miley Cyrus “Theres no guarantee this life is easy” on my ribs with an elegant cursive font I would like more opinions on this.

-quote is from the song when i look at you sung by Miley Cyrus
– i am a girl
– has a lot of meaning to me
– i want it to be horizontal and on the side of my ribs next to my heart (left)

The meaning behind this:
I have been living my whole life with a disease called Cystic Fibrosis. It effects the lungs making mucus more thicker. there is no cure so far but we are very close to finding it. I fortunately do not have it as bad as some people but still its a struggling disease. But any time i get sick i have to fight, because i can end up in the hospital, some people with the disease have to indore hospitalization for months on in. Now when i was in the hospital about 9 to 10 months ago, Miley Cyrus’ song came out “when i look at you” and most of the song relates to me and my disease. Hearing the song made me realize life’s no long ride and mistakes cant be changed quote “there is no guarantee this life is easy”. Also another thing that reached out to me was Miley had a friends that sadly died to Cystic Fibrosis

The Expert answers:

If it means so much and is so significant then do it. You are obviously a fighter, and facing hardship in your life. It dosen’t sound like you will end up regretting it

(I’m heavily tattooed, no regrets)

Go for it, and good luck

William asks…

What do you think of this tattoo idea?

I was thinking of getting on my left wrist “When I see your face, There’s not a thing that I would change.” not exactly in the wrist area, it might go down a little, and of course it won’t be very big font. and on the right “Because your amazing, just the way you are. And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while.” But that might be longer? anyway I can even them out? I really want the “and when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while” part, but I have no clue how to even them out, and I want them on my wrists, small font, in cursive.
@rabie what are you talking about? i was just asking how i would even it out, and asking peoples opinion? you don’t know me, so stfu.

The Expert answers:

Try these =) i made them lool

Betty asks…

Is this cute as far as roman numerals go?

I want a roman numeral tattoo, but every time I draw XVII on my skin, it always looks like a prison tattoo or something, haha (no offense, it just looks way masculine and out-of-place on me!).

I have tried dressing it up with cursive font, etc., but I could never find anything I liked!

So I was doodling on my hand just barely and drew xvii, with the i’s dotted with hearts. I think it is so cute and is terribly fitting, because the number represents both the day my uncle died and my mom’s birthday.

I’m going to get it on the outside of my right wrist in navy blue, about 1″ tall and 1.5″ long.
(Side note: about how much will that cost, and how much should I tip for it?)

Cute idea? Yes? No?
Too bad, I’m getting it anyway.

The Expert answers:

I think if you’re gonna put girly hearts on it, you might want to consider putting it in a place where you can hide it. Depending on the social situation, what job you get, who you’re meeting, etc. You may not want it to be so visible…

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