Your Questions About Tattoos

Robert asks…

Can someone refer me to a tattoo artist for a full-back tattoo, who is GREAT with detail. OHIO?

I want an all black tattoo, with detailed shading. I do not want any mediocre referrals, only the best!
NO SMART-ASS comments. Thanks, but they are lame, and VERY un-useful.
Anybody with a moronic answer will be blocked, as I am tired of wasting my time reading the B.S. answers those people give just to earn “points”.

The Expert answers:

Steve at Evolved in Columbus. He has trained heavily in the Japanese-style and is quite skilled.

Michael asks…

Can you add light colored details to a dark tattoo?

color change tattoo

The Expert answers:

Depends on the tattoo and how it is shaded in the first place. Usually no. Sometimes a little but it is all usually done at once or the artist will shade it in a way that the hilites are easily added. If you are trying to go back and do something that was not originally part of the tattoo design or general idea it may not work. Just go to an artist and have them look at it.

David asks…

How can i become a Tattoo Artist?

I live in NJ and I’m looking to become a tattoo artist. Details please. What do I need and how do I get it?

The Expert answers:

I’ll correct Jan it is Kat Von Dee,
She does Portrait style tattoos and is the owner of LA Ink which is a show and parlor.

What you want is an apprenticeship but it doesn’t come easy I was lucky that I had connections through the art industry and grew up as a pin up girl and major ink fan.
I was a receptionist for about 6months before I became an apprentice so it isn’t an instant transaction you can’t just go up and ask them most the time you have to earn it and really pay attention so create a friendship with them as you will be learning off them for about 1-5 years depending on how many hours you are there and if you practice I was lucky and only was a apprentice for about 15months but that’s because I was self taught before I got a apprenticeship.

You MUST draw heaps! I remember when I was 13 and got my advice off a tattoo artist “Trace over and over again until you get the flow of doing it freehand”.
To become a tattoo artist you must have a steady hand and be an artist, I really need more detail about your art background to know how much you know about this industry. I recommend sticking to your style but also learning about others because every person that walks into a shop wants a different style you just have to put your touch to it, I’ve had to tattoo some bad places and silly things in my day but aye whatever floats their boat.

Put all your good art pieces into a portfolio to show a tattoo artist to get feedback,
Keep your reference material with it as well to show how much you were able to change that picture if you traced partial things. Once you have a portfolio set its time to ask local tattoo shops about your art and see if they are interested in giving you a go.

I recommend going to tattoo exhibition not only does it teach you and inspire you so many things you get to interact with other tattoo artists and get to view their portfolios if they have one at there area. I always meet tattoo artists when I go and for some reason they now look up to me but when I first started I thought they were kings and I was so shy to even approach them.

There’s heaps more for you to know but the best you can do is go up to the tattoo parlors near your area and ask questions like What do you expect in a portfolio? How do I improve my skills? And other things.

(Learn how to do some watercolor as well it really does help understand the shading and blending of tattoos)

Best of luck, after learning more about the tattoo gun, needles and machines play around on fake skin it helps you a lot and when your ready tattoo someone.

Linda asks…

How detailed can tattoos be and how is the cost of a tattoo determined?

how detailed can tattoos be?
And how is the cost determined?
Is it by the size of the tattoo, the time it takes, or what?
Please help.

The Expert answers:

Tattoos can have a lot of detail in them. But it can be hard to fit a lot of detail into a smallish tattoo. Cost is usually determined by the size or length of time it’s going to take to tattoo, it can also be determined by if you want colour or black and grey ink. Cost varies from shop to shop so have a look at what you want done, take your ideas to a few shops in your area, have a look through some portfolios and have an artist give you an estimate.

Helen asks…

Is it sexy to have a fake tattoo on one of my foots when I’m having sex??..Read the details 2?

I just hate it 2 c my naked foot with out sucks or high heels so I think of having a fake tattoo…like the ones Tess has in “Pretty wild” reality show…although her’s is real but I want a fake one…do u think it’s sexy?

The Expert answers:

You’re gonna put it on everytime your socks are off, why not just get a real one?

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