Your Questions About Tattoos

David asks…

What font is this as his tattoo?

I didnt really know how to phrase that, but what im trying to ask is what font is the text on the guy’s back that says ‘Sydney till i die’ ? I’ve been looking for ages, and i think there’s two different fonts so if you could help me that would be great.


The Expert answers:

The Sydney looks like Olde English with a little bit of cursive. The till i die looks that way too. His tattoo artist might have drawn that out that font for him meaning u might not find it on the internet

Mark asks…

different language for tattoo?

my boyfriend is wanting to get a tattoo with my name. the problem is that my name is sissy. my real name is sissy. he dont want that in normal font bc he dont want ne one thinking he is a sissy. i sugested another lag. the problem is we dont no ne other laguage that sissy could look nice as….can sum one suggest or show me examples of another lag. to try?

The Expert answers:

Do it in Hebrew. It won’t look like any thing anybody has ever seen. And it is sort of a rebel thing to do because Jews don’t believe in tattoos. Sorry I don’t have that language font to show you what it would look like, but I guarantee nobody would be able to translate it unless they spoke Hebrew.

Charles asks…

Are numbered tattoos on the backs women symbolic for them being sex slaves to organiztions such as illuminati?

I’ve seen these numbers in a certain font but always the same on many different women, usually located on the back shoulder blades and starting to wonder if these women are simply sex slaves. Also each different women I’ve seen to my knowledge have had different numbers such as maybe what sex slave they became. Many of these women I’ve seen are in things such as porn videos or what not. Also heard about sex slaves in the illuminati.

The Expert answers:

I somehow doubt it.

Ken asks…

What do you think of this font for my tattoo?

Before anybody says anything, I know that this should be a decision made solely by me. It will be, but at the same time, I don’t want most people to dislike it.

With that said, I will be getting a tattoo on my wrist that reads “strength”, like this: . I’ve been looking around for different font ideas (I don’t want a tattoo identical to someone else) and found this one that I’m partial to:

What do you guys think? Thanks in advance! 😀

The Expert answers:

I LOVE the second font

Donald asks…

Tattoo from a broken home?

My mum has been through two messy marriges and i was caught up in it all, with two abusive fathers. I wanted a tattoo to symbolise me leaving this part of my life in the past. I have been thinking for some time and i recently came up with the idea of getting the phrase ‘We are all innocent’. I want to get this as i wanted to make the statement that children caught up in messy divorces are innocent victims but i want to get it some private like my thigh. Are there any websites that allow you to try out different fonts so i can find the right style for my tattoo?
Also if anyone else will design it for me, email me @

Many thanks =)
I want the tattoo to be happy, not depressing. I am proud of myself and the rest of my family being able to get through this rough patch so this tattoo has to remind me i got through it

The Expert answers:

Try….its pretty good in my opinion…..and don’t listen to these a-hole….what makes a tattoo the best is when it has personal meaning and you have it….good luck and cheers

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