Your Questions About Tattoos

Susan asks…

What are some good inspirational words for a wrist tattoo?

I have a star with swirlys coming out of it on my wrist and i want to add a inspiational word above it. any ideas?

The Expert answers:

Whatever words that are inspirational to YOU. People that tell you what tattoo’s are meaningful can speak only from their point of view. What makes you feel strong when you see it, what makes you want to drudge through the dark times, what makes you want to live your life?

Helen asks…

what is a good italian word for a tattoo on my wrist?

The Expert answers:

Hello. Well, I am full Italian and have thought about that too, but I will probably do my Sicilian last name.
Here are some ideas:

Fortuna – (good fortune)
Amore – (love)
Bella- (pretty)
Baci (Kisses)
Polso (wrist) Haha
Felice (happy)
Ciao (hello) (goodbye)
Fede (faith)
Semplice (simple)
qualunque (whatever)
Vita Lunga (long life)
Dolce (sweet)

I don’t know…sorry if those are lame examples. LOL


Ken asks…

Good words for a wrist tattoo?

okay so tommorow i’m getting a tattoo BUT it’s only temporary (for about a month or so). Anyways i’m getting it on the “inside” of my wrist and it’s going to be in arabic. I was wondering was i should get. Maybe a small saying. or just cool words (like freedom or peace but cooler). Since it’s in another language the meaning won’t matter much, but i still want something decent. =P


P.S… things i like: old rock and roll bands, new punk bands, basketball, skateboarding, funny stuff. =P

The Expert answers:

It should say a freckle past a hair, inside of a clock, that would be funny, but somewhat embaressing… @:-)

Sharon asks…

Whats a good wrist tattoo for a young girl?

Im young,(18) im a lover,I wanted stay true but everyone thinks its retarded,Lol. I want two simple words that mean alot,or something cool :) Like diamonds on my side arm, Any ideas? And no answers like ITS YOUR BODY DO WHAT YOU WANT, Im simply asking for ideas!

The Expert answers:

This is my point of view. Get your month symbol. Mines is taurus may

Richard asks…

wrist tattoo, which word both have meaning?

okay so before anyone says i shouldnt have to ask people what to get that i should know. i already do know i would get either. both words have meaning to me but i can only get one on my wrist. the words are :

– unbreakable… which to me is no matter how much someone or something in my life may hurt me i will never let them break me down to nothing.

and the other is.

believe…this one means alot also, to believe i have the strength, courage, confidence. beleive that theres good in everyone, and believe that it is possible to trust someone (i have trust issues)

i had a friend that cut herself, and i could understand why she did it. and ive thought of it but never brought my self to it bc i know deep down thats not the answer to solving problems. so another meaning for me behind believe ->that no matter what life throws at me theres a brighter side and that cutting isnt the asnwer. but unbreakable also becuase ive never been broken down to that point and am trying to never get to that.

which word do you think is better.
okay im looking to get one of the words tatttooed on my wrist. idk why people are sending hair and beauty tips.?

The Expert answers:

I don’t know, i feel like both are kind of cliched. I like unbreakable a little better than believe, though, as that reminds me of tinkerbell etc.

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