Your Questions About Tattoos

Nancy asks…

Friendship tattoos/design ideas?!?!?!?!?

my name is jessica and my best friends name is jenna and we would like to get matching tatoos. We need a design..we would like something like a heart or something with 2 j’s. If you can draw something an email it to me or find a picture online or a link that would be fantastic! Also something simple please lol but there will be TEN POINTS REWARDED TO THE BEST DESIGN!!!!! Thanksssss!!!!

The Expert answers:


there’s a couple I found

Betty asks…

So me and my two best friends all want to get matching tattoos.?

our names are kayla, katie, and kylie, so we were thinking of getting a really neat ‘k’ design with a heart possibly. Anyone have any cool ideas?

The Expert answers:

Humm well hears a cool name
in a heart have

in kinda bigger letters
triple k girls

than underneath with smaller letters
have all 3 of your names.

Its kinda weird but yeahh

in a heart have…
3 k’s forever.


Somethign with triple threats..?

Im just trying to throw ideas out.

Richard asks…

i need a little tattoo design help?

so im a big fan of black and gray tattoos thats all i like, my favorite types of designs are the ones with alot of shadowing and feathering, i really like like skulls and grim reaper type stuff in the designs but i dont want them to seem to demonic because thats not the kind of person i am. also i would like to be able to throw in a little memorial to my best friend who passed a while back it would just be ELYK his name spelled backwards in like a script. so what designs should i look at for this im thinking of like a 1/4 sleeve or on my chest if that helps, any links to pictures would be greatly appreciated,thanks

The Expert answers:

If you still wannt one drawn let me know ill design one for you

Daniel asks…

Boyfriend wants me to design one of his tattoos?

He is slowly filling up a sleeve and told me he wants me to add something to it that means something to me but i’m totally stumped… I need ideas to get me started on the sketch. I know no one can tell me the right thing but I have no idea. Weve been best friends for years and have been through a lot. It could be any smybols/quotes or anything to do with forever, regret, faithful/loyalty, love, new start even a matching tattoo but I’m really not sure about that one. Just give me some ideas! thank you very much and please don’t nag me about it. It’s not your life and it’s not even my body it’s technically his decision and it’s not like he’s getting my name.

The Expert answers:

Well, if he wants something that means something to you, then really it has to come from you.

When you know what it is we can help you tweak the design but it really needs to come from you

Lisa asks…

What would be the best tattoo to get for my grandparents? *short*?

So my grandmother is in the hospital dieing, and my grandfather isn’t doing well either.
My grandpa was in world war 2 and he was on a ship that got bombed.
My grandmothers favorite flower is a rose so i was thinking an anchor and a rose intertwined some how with their names then get the R.I.P added in later when they both pass or just get the simple anchor and rose.

I would also like their names somehow sneakily placed in the tattoo.
any ideas where i should get it or any other ideas?? (:

Also where can i get tattoo designs drawn besides at the tattoo place?

The Expert answers:

Instead of RIP I would put the last 2 didgets of the years they were born. So when you look at it your not remembering their pain and suffering but instead of how these wonderful people came into the world and accomplished all these things. That they lived.

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