Your Questions About Tattoos

Maria asks…

Cool lower arm tattoo ideas?

So, I used to cut my arms a lot when I was a teenager, and I’ve recently overcome my depression. I still have the scars on my arms though, and I would really like to get a tattoo incorporating the cuts in some way. I want it to be something about overcoming the temptations of the world and being strong in myself.

I was thinking maybe about doing something where theres a word over each cut? I have six on one arm and four on the other, but I don’t really know what words to use?

Thankyou to anyone who answers (:

The Expert answers:

Honestly being an ex cutter myself and getting my sleeve over my scars I wouldn’t recommend it.
People are ass holes when it comes to cutting and are constantly commenting on it.
Plus, if they were deep cuts they need 2-5 years (or until they are soft and no longer get all purply in the cold) Which sucks haha. I have a huge one underneith my forarm piece and people are always all, “What happened oh my gosh! I’m an idiot!)

Or you could do something cool like get a giant traditional rose with a straight razor budding out of it with like, “Move Forward” above it or something.. That’d be cool.

Donald asks…

cool tattoo idea?

I will be getting this tattoo when I become a firefighter. I already have one that has a dragon around a cross and that goes from my shoulder to my bottom bicep saying only the strong survive that is visible through some not all t-shirts. Anyway, here is my idea

A firefighter holding a baby crying, the firefighter has a rough look (from the fire) and two angels one on the left side and the other on the right looking over his shoulder and down at the baby, and underneath the drawing it will have the word “Believe” probably in cursive. The tattoo will be black and gray shading and not too big, like a 4 by 5 probably under my neck and covered with a tshirt. That will be only my second tattoo and probably my last one. Any comments are appreciated!!!!!
thanks for the advice heather!!!!! I appreciate it…..I will maybe then wait until I save my first life! lol dont want to be ridiculed too much

The Expert answers:

I think it’s a cool idea. However, I would think that as a rookie firefighter, you will be subject to some ribbing from the veterens…they may think that you have to earn an image like that…What I mean is that unless you are memorializing someone in particular, it may look like you are making yourself out to be a hero already, when you’ve only just started the job. No offense meant at all, firefighters are awesome, and what do I know, you may already have significant experience, but I’m just playing devil’s advocate and showing you potential backlash.

Mary asks…

Does this sound like a cool tattoo idea?

SO, im about to turn 18 soon and i want a tatoo. i understand the “consequences” and the aging and the getting a good job part. Iv’e thought about it for a LONG time. i know it will hurt and the location will be on my inner wrist.

A lot of people tell me that i light up their life in some way so i was thinking of the word ” illuminate” on the inside of my wrist. Strangely enough it happens to be the name of the album of one of my favorite bands. Does that sound like a cute idea? ?Not that these opinions will sway my decision i’m just sort of curious 😛

The Expert answers:

I wouldnt if I was you, you need it in a place that you can cover even on warm days, and to have a word like that will p!ss you off when you are older honest it will, have a look at some designs and stuff before you do it hun

Sharon asks…

i need some tattoo ideas?

im a chick and i wanna get a tattoo on my lower stomache to the side like by my hip and i want to put like a word or something in italian and cool writing. i just want one word because a whole phrase would be to big, but i can’t think of any cool words. all i got is faith and beauty. but i need something better.

The Expert answers:

Love – Amore.

Life – Vita.

Hope – Speranza.

Chris asks…

What words would be cool for a tattoo along my collarbone?

I saw one phrase I kind of liked > “There is nothing so stable as change.”
but I’m looking for something I like more
I would love to hear your ideas & I will pick best answer :)
yes i am fully aware that it will be there forever and needs to be something i really want, thanks. i just want some actual ideas, that’s why i’m looking for something i really want.

The Expert answers:

You really need to pick something that means something to you. It shouldn’t just be a pointless phrase that you like at the moment, considering it is going to be a fairly large tattoo.

What about a song title or part of a song that you have always loved, or that really connects to/with you?

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