Your Questions About Tattoos

Mark asks…

Nas tattoo on arm.. the words?

anyone know whats on nas arm it looks like a verse or something

The Expert answers:

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil; For you are with me…I will dwell the house of the lord.
-Psalm 23:4

Lisa asks…

Laser tattoo removal question: words in black ink punched DEEP into the skin with a dip-in-ink pen. (details)?

I have a tattoo on my arm. Words in black ink, punched DEEP into the skin with one of those types of pens that you dip into ink. The black ink used is the black ink that is sold for use with those types of pens. This tattoo has been with me for more than 20 years. Covers a 3″x4″ area, and is awful. I want it off.

Trouble is, I tried the acid crap that is sold to suckers like me for home tattoo removal. I tried it three times as per instructions. Tattoo hasn’t faded any, but now I have some scar tissue over the tattooed area.

Question is, does it sound like laser tattoo removal would work for this situation? I don’t have much money, and cannot really afford to waste any. (for anyone who may ask, it is not a gang tattoo, so no free programs are going to take me).

The Expert answers:

Laser removal probably would work but it would take several expensive sessions to fully remove a deep tattoo in black ink. A cheaper alternative would be to “hide” the tattoo under a better new tattoo that you do like. A good tattoo artist can cover up almost anything. It would also hide the scar tissue that would be much more noticeable if you did use laser removal.

James asks…

If you had to tattoo yourself a word on your arm, what would it be?

If you had to tattoo yourself a word on your arm, what would it be?

Also, what person would you put as a tattoo on that same arm?

Also, what material thing would you tattoo?

The Expert answers:

I have a Tattoo on The back of my Left arm,It says

“We Belong To the Sea”

No i Still Regret having a Tattoo So No i don’t want Any

Susan asks…

How big should I get this tattoo on my arm? the word Sacrifice in edwardian script?

I want it on the upper inner part of my arm, not right on top of the bicep but on the inside. Should i have it span all the way from the elbow to arm pit or what?

The Expert answers:

Yes, I think your plan to have it span the whole inner arm is best.

Richard asks…

Whats a positive word i can get as a tattoo?

I want a positve word tattooed on my arm, so i can look at it everyday for inspiration and as a constant reminder to be happy and calm. any ideas?

The Expert answers:

I have “serenity” on my ankle. It means “the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil; sereneness.”
The word has meaning to me because the Christian Serenity Prayer helped my cousin and I to get past her father’s death. Also, my father is in Alcoholics Anonymous, and that prayer is cited frequently by its members.
The best word to choose would be one that has meaning to you, much like mine has to me. Often, when people see a tattoo, they will ask what it means or what significance it has to you.
Also, choosing the font you desire is a big deal too. Remember that this will be on your body fro the rest of your life and can’t be changed.
Good luck! : )

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