Your Questions About Tattoos

George asks…

Tattoo Games?

Is there any online game where i can creat my own tattoo

The Expert answers:


Daniel asks…

What are some tattoo atrists games?

I know there is the tattoo artist one and two on addicting game and some other sites but is there any other ones that are fun?

The Expert answers:

This one’s like tattoo artist

John asks…

What tattoo should I get that has to do with games?

I love all kinds of games… video games, sports, board games, etc. I am thinking I’d like to get a tattoo that has to do with this interest of mine, it definitely is part of who I am. What would be a good symbol? I am having a hard time thinking of something. Two ideas that I had were dice, and a pawn, but I don’t really like either of those. I just want something small. Thanks for your ideas!

The Expert answers:

Pick out a character from one of the games you play a lot and just get that as a tattoo, i have one tattooed on my back that i got when i was younger.

Thomas asks…

Why doesn’t CM Punk have the pepsi tattoo and his GI Joe Cobra tattoo in WWE video games?

Those were his FIRST tattoos he’s gotten and I want to know why he doesn’t have those tattoos on him in video games.

The Expert answers:

Because if they did then they would be advertising for Pepsi and GI Joe. And they probably dont want to advertise for them.

Charles asks…

are there any fun tattoo artist games for nintendo ds?

I am looking for a nintendo ds game where you are a tattoo artist, and you get to tattoo customers or people in your own tattoo shop. (sort of like LA ink) and it has to be fun!
ive tried online tattoo games. those are too hard :(

The Expert answers:

Nope, and I am pretty sure there are no games like that for any consoles, but there are plenty online.

This one is flash

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