Your Questions About Tattoos

Paul asks…

Any ideas for the font on my next tattoo?

I will be getting a latin word on my left (inner) wrist that has great meaning to me.

I don’t want traditional Roman/Latin/Classic fonts though, I want something extremely gothic or beautiful or different.

Does anyone have any font ideas, or know of any websites with tattoo fonts I can use?

Thank you in advance!

The Expert answers:


try that one, they have lots of gothic ones! + loads of other categories! Good luck!

Susan asks…

Do you have any tattoo font ideas?

I want to get something written.
I want something simple, and it’s going to be small so it needs to be easy to read from at least a foot or two away. Haha, I don’t know. I’ll insert a picture.

It’s going to consist of a 6 letter word, then a 4 letter word, and then 9 letter word.

Links to the fonts would be great! Thanks!

The Expert answers:

Just get script.
It adds a classy touch.

Ken asks…

Tattoo font ideas please?

I plan to get “Luke 6:46” tattooed directly underneath my collarbone (left side). However, I can’t seem to find a font that will work and match with my other tattoos. Right now, I have a very basic thick black ichthus on each of my wrists (vertical, not horizontal like a bracelet). I will also probably be getting a basic design somewhere else created by a member of the tribal village where I am being sent. I need a font that will match with these tattoos. Ideas for some kind of endcaps on the sides of the text would also be appreciated.

The Expert answers:

For underneath your collarbone, I’m guessing you want something kind of delicate, maybe? I have a verse tattoo on my wrist, and it’s in the font “Script,” which is just a very basic, thin lined cursive. As long as you get it in black, I think it would look nice with the fish on your wrists.
I don’t know if you necessarily need endcaps on the sides of the text… I suppose you could put hearts if you like the cutesy style… A more elegant look would be to put a thin cross to one side of the verse (that may be a little cliche, though). You could just use dots. Anyway, it’s an awesome verse and I hope you love however it turns out! :)
P.S. I love the idea about the tribal sign!

Thomas asks…

I want different font ideas for a tattoo?

I want different font ideas for a tattoo for the date 8.10.2006 which in roman numerals would be VIII.X.MMVI or any other ideas involving that date would be appreciated & PLEASE no negative replies. Thanks :)

The Expert answers:

Here you go

i would go for the stone look black and grey personally ,with a tiny hint of light blue to highlight it.

If its in roman numerals you shouldn’t mess with it too much IMO

Linda asks…

how much would this tattoo hurt? font ideas?

i want to get the word BLESSED tattooed going vertically down the left side of my body (the link is jus an example to help you understand where i want it)

would this hurt more than the tattoo i have on my right shoulder blade?

and does anyone have ideas on what font i should use?

The Expert answers:

Burgues Script, would be gorgeous for one word on your side:
and yeah, it’ll probably hurt more than your other, but it’ll be so worth it!
Get a good nights sleep, eat 1 hour beforehand, and relax, distract yourself, breath, and most important, hold still,
It’ll be beautiful

luck to you

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