Your Questions About Tattoos

Sandra asks…

anybody know any good tattoo design websites?

I’m getting a tattoo next month i think and i want something small,girly and cute. I have no idea where to have it and what to have. Does anybody know any good websites for some designs?

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John asks…

What are some really good tattoo design websites?

I’ve been giving ALOT of thought to my tattoo, but I’d still like to look around and get some ideas. What are some good sites? I already googled tattoos and theres SOOO many sites. I’m looking for some with a large selection..preferably feminine tattoos to symbolize strength and optimism

The Expert answers:

This is the best one i’ve found and i’ve used it for numerous tattoo ideas. The link below even takes you right to the feminine tattoos page !

Chris asks…

Which one of these Tattoo Design websites?

My wife is considering getting a Tattoo and is trying to come up with the right tattoo design/idea. I found this website which has links to 6 websites which you become a member of for a small price and you get access to thousands of tattoo designs. Just trying to decide which one to join. Anyone have any experiences with these sites and a preference for any one of them?

The Expert answers:

I do not have experience with them in particular, but there are free sites you can use too!

One i always used was

just google free tattoo designs.

You will be paying enough as it is for a good tattoo, find some free designs to take to a consult, the artist will re-draw it anyways.

Daniel asks…

Can anyone give me some great tattoo design websites?

I’m after a feminine tribal tattoo, containing flowers and stars. Its for a cover up. I know exactly what i want, i just need the design. I’m not very good at drawing so its pointless me drawing it and and when describe it, that’s no use either. please help!!!

The Expert answers:

Just google it hun.

Maria asks…

tattoo design websites?

I want some kinda of flower design tattoo round my wrist are there any good websites for some ideas?

The Expert answers:

You can go to for that.

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