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Mary asks…

need tattoo ideas for mom – first tattoo?

I am getting my first tattoo for my 16th birthday in two months. My mother overdosed and passed away two years ago, and i am getting a tattoo dedicated to her. There are not alot of symbols that remind me of her, other than footprints and her name. i was thinking of getting a band with her name around my finger, but every tattoo i see like that sucks. my second idea was on top of my foot with footprints, but i dont like the look of foot tattoos. any ideas? be as creative as you please

The Expert answers:

How about a heart? Or a peace sign with her name around it? OR u could put her favorite thing on you to remind u of her.

James asks…

Tattoo ideas for a mom and children?

I want to get a tattoo to represent me, my mother, and my 2 sisters. My mother and sister don’t really have something that represents them.. And if it helps my sisters are 27 & 3 years old.. Please be creative. I would like to place the tattoo on my upper back, foot, wrist, or hip. And Im not looking for something super huge. Thanks.

The Expert answers:

I think if someone gets a tattoo done for a right reason or any worthy person then it’s absolutely alright to get it done..
As far as ideas are concerned i guess it would be better if u get an appointment with a good tattoo artist……… These guys really would give u the best suggestions. Apart from that i think that it would be a good idea to go through some old childhood pictures, maybe that would help in building a picture.

But most importantly make sure that u really want it and you’re positively sure about it …………

Linda asks…

Tattoo Ideas for mom of three?

I am trying to come up with a tattoo for my three kids. I want it to incorporate all three of thier names and some cute picture. I have two girls and a boy between 2 and 6. My favorite color is green, I love comics and such. My two girls love the disney princess and my 2 year old sone loves cars. Thier names are Rayna, Jalen and Kaden. Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you!!!

The Expert answers:

How about a clover with their names incorporated in it. Their taste will change so I wouldn’t go that route.

Lisa asks…

What are some cool mother-daughter tattoo ideas?

So, me and my mom are VERY close. We are like best friends and I can tell her anything and so on. I’m not old enough for a tattoo yet, but I will be pretty soon. I want to get a tattoo with my mom. She doesn’t have any but she’s willing to get a tattoo with me. I was thinking I could get a bird carrying a banner that says ‘daughter’ and her with one that says ‘mother’. I was also thinking we could get the same one, which is a wolf, with an outline of a smaller wolf in the middle. My last idea was an angel with the word ‘daughter’ and the other with ‘mother.’ I was looking for some other nice ideas. My mom won’t go for anything violent or anything, by the way. And I don’t want anything ultra traditional like chinese characters, etc. And tell me which of my ideas is the cutest!
Thanks!! :)

The Expert answers:

I like both the ideas you had! My mom and I considered getting a mama bird and a baby bird for a while, but then she decided she was too scared to get a tattoo.
The bird idea is more feminine and soft, and the wolf idea is more proud and bold. Whichever of those descriptions is the most like your mom, go for that one. :]

Carol asks…

I need tattoo ideas for my mom. Help? :)?

I want something for my mom, not too big (2×2 or smaller)
Help! <3 xxxxx

The Expert answers:

Get This 😀 I Bet She will Love It :)

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