Your Questions About Tattoos

Susan asks…

Does anyone know any good, working websites that provide free fonts for tattoos?

I’m looking to get four lines of lyrics tattooed and I’m looking for legitimate websites that have good fonts that are preferably free!

The Expert answers:


that one has all kinds of fonts to download
its the same website that i use to get fonts that look like theyd be good for a tattoo that would have words in it

Sharon asks…

Tattoo font website for free?

I’m looking for a website that you can convert what you want in writing into a nice font that I can’t print out for a tattoo for free. Any help would be great.

The Expert answers:… Its amazin!! And has a huge variety of things 😀

Sandra asks…

where can I get tattoo fonts that I can print out for free?

The Expert answers:

Hey! Going to the tattoo shop and looking at texts can be boring, and hard to imagine on your body. I have a few sites that you can sample fonts at (with your own texts):

1. You can go to
and type in text and click on “change sample text” (and you can also change the size).
There are some really cute cursive-y fonts on this website!
There are 27 pages of fonts (with like 10 on each page)! If you change the sample text you will have whatever you type on all 27 pages!
You can right click and save the file and print it out.

2. Using the website the other person has already talked about… you can preview the fonts and than press
the “print screen” or “prt sc” button, and you can PASTE into a paint program by pressing CTRL V and than print.

3. Or you can go to and choose the fonts, and click on “custom preview” and type in your words. You can right click and save the file and print it out.

I hope this has helped! Good luck with your tattoo!:)

Ruth asks…

is there a place to get good free fonts 4 my computer…so i can get a good idea for the font of my tattoo?

i’m looking for a font that i can fill in wit a little color….

The Expert answers:

great fonts’ site that has categories and categories full of every font imaginable!

Lisa asks…

What are good websites to download korean fonts for free?

I want to get a tattoo in korean lettering and I need cute fonts to choose from. Please help!!

The Expert answers:

Give this a try:

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