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Lizzie asks…

Tattoo Lettering….?

Can anyone help me? For the last year i’ve been looking for a Uk tattooist that is good at lettering. Too many times i’ve seen an amazing tattoo and then the lettering spoils it. I want my lettering to be PERFECT so if you know any artist out of the Uk i’ll check them out and hope they come to the London tattoo convention or do a guest spot somewhere in the uk. Hope someone can help or give me links to some good tattoo lettering that they’ve seen. Thanks :)
I know what font i want, i just need a good artist that is good at lettering. Many artist do amazing tattoos but aren’t very good at lettering. I’ve been told the best thing to do is find a tattoo artist that used to be a graffiti artist turned tattoo artist. I’ve only found a few and they are in the US and don’t guest over in the uk or come to the London tattoo convenstion.

The Expert answers:

Go to:

Into You
144 St. John St,
London, EC1V 4UA.
(Farringdon tube stop, also quite close to Angel tube stop).

Mark asks…

Tattoo lettering?

I am drawing out a phrase for someone as a present….the lettering needs to be really awesome….and it’s for a guy……so i thought that i would look up some tattoo lettering but i cant find anything detailed enough….do you have any links to tattoo lettering or lettering that would help me?

The Expert answers:


both allow you to input your text so you can see exactly what it will look like.

Lisa asks…

Can tattoo lettering be thinned if it is too thick to read?

My friend just got a tattoo done, and the lettering turned out to be too thick so that it is difficult to read what it says. Is there any touch ups that can be done to thin it out? This is her second tattoo, both are on her feet, and they match. So tattooing over the wording isn’t really an option. Any answers would help as she is slightly freaking out. Thank you!

The Expert answers:

Tattoos can not be thinned out. Nor should another color of ink be used it will only make it worse. She might want to try a few laser treatments to help fade the ink and then have it re-touched up. She can also have them covered with a different tattoo, aka a cover-up. BTW foot tattoos do tend to fade some with shoes rubbing on them. Good luck hope this information was helpful.

George asks…

tattoo lettering?

I want to get a nice font. where can I find some?
Its to get both my daughters names on the back of my neck and also my grandmothers name on my foot. I’m looking for elegant, classy, pretty.
whats the smallest the text can be?
thanks alot

The Expert answers:

I don’t know if you may be interested in this, but I have a tattoo of my grandmother’s signature on my arm. She always had the most beautiful penmanship and the tattoo means a lot more to me knowing that it’s actually in her handwriting. As far as your daughters, how old are they? Would you feel comfortable having them sign their names and getting that done? I don’t know if this answered your question, but it’s just something to consider. =)

James asks…

is it true that tattoo lettering will bleed to become illegible after about 10 years?

i am wanting to get a small passage from the bible or a section from a religious song no more than 60 words tattooed on my side over my ribs. the entire tattoo would barely fit on a standard sheet of paper. The verse would form a cross with no outlines. I would most likely use thin cursive lettering. However i want to make sure it would last. help please?

The Expert answers:

Over time yes it will when you get old and have wrinkles and baggy skin;_ylt=AiMAUchMN_ROhqUBmJoV6JTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080627152923AAKissX

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