Your Questions About Tattoos

Thomas asks…

any good tattoo shops in austin?

if so please name them i want ur opinion

The Expert answers:

Ive heard a million tattoos is good but whatever you do dont go to between the lines they messed up tattoos on both me and my husband.

Michael asks…

tattoo shops?

anyone know of any good tattoo places in austin, tx?

The Expert answers:

Just take a walk down 6th street there are some great ones up and down.

Ruth asks…

Reputable Tattoo Shops in Texas?

Hey all! I am now living in Central Texas and am looking at finishing my sleeve and another piece I started before we moved.

We live about an hour from Austin, maybe a little less from Killeen (although I really dont want to go to a base town for tattoo‘s)

Anyone know of a good shop in Austin? Or how I might go about finding a reputable place?


The Expert answers:

GOOGLE for tattoo parlors in your city or around it. Then check out the websites, which should have artist Bios and artwork albums. Your bound to find one you like. After you do, go to that shop and talk to the artist of your choice.

James asks…

Does anyone know of a good and not too expensive tattoo shop in Austin, Texas?? Woo Hoo Spurs!!!!! Thanks!?

The Expert answers:

I have never been there, but tatoo zoo is a place that i always drive by, it has giant zebra stripes and is off N183, you cant miss it

Sandra asks…

Multiple Tattoo related questions?

I want to save room, and this is the 2nd time I’m re-typing this so…
1: Any recommended tattoo shops in Austin TX? (anywhere along highway 620, 71, or 22-22)
2: Can I take my own personal design in and ask them to recreate it?
3: How much money should I bring? (its an armband about 3″ by 10″)
4: How much time should I plan to be sitting in the chair?
Thanks you guys, I just want to be totally prepared.

The Expert answers:

2.Yes, they will be more than happy to take your idea and draw up a custom piece for your approval. Just bring any and all drawings, written instructions, styles that you like etc. You may come in with this stuff, and they may want to work on it, and have you come back at another time.
3.Your talking a few hundred dollars. Figure $100 – $150 per hour plus 15% – 20% tip, probably 2 sessions, depending on the design. (if there is much black work, often it needs the 2nd touch up session).
4.Depending on the detail and how complicated your design is, figure at least 3 hours. It all depends on the design.
5. Before you go, get a good nights sleep, eat 1hr. Before you go. Practice relaxing your body, breathing slowly, not tightening up your muscles. The idea is to hold still, and do what it takes no matter how awkward, uncomfortable, or painful it is. Distract yourself by talking, listening, looking around, find your humor.

Here’s some information:
watch the videos on this site:
here’s a pain chart:
here’s some armband tattoos:
this is about tattoo inks:
this is ‘how tattoos work’:
That should get you off to a running start!
Good luck, you’ll do fine!

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